Oddball Pet Snuggles -- Part 2


Glad to see the blankets moving along nicely!:heart: :knitting:


Blue skies is ready to be mailed! I just sent a message to Lizars1735 for the address. Will try to get a pic before it moves on!


Yay! I really need to update the blanket list! :teehee: :knitting:


I think this is right; please let me know if I’ve missed a switch!


So nice to see the update and the progress. Sunrise has already been mailed out to Kari.


Updated Sunrise Snuggie:


How is everyone doing? :knitting:

I miss having a blanket, although I have a log cabin afghan that I could be working on while I’m waiting for my turn. I haven’t been doing any knitting at all. In my carry-around bag (that I haven’t been carrying around) I have my placemat. Last weekend I washed and dried the swatch/dishcloth, so I have no excuse to put off working on it anymore!

I also need to find the yarn I bought to make scarves for my kids. The two youngest are outgrowing their scarves and they both need new ones; I bought some LB Homespun for them both but can’t remember what I did with them. I made my oldest son a ribbed scarf last winter out of Homespun and he both loves it and has stopped complaining about itching! So I want to make two more of the same, in different colors.


I still have Sunrise Snuggie. I’m trying to get it finished but have had to travel some this month so it is slowly coming along.

I have a log cabin blanket I’m working too. I’m almost finished with my first square so maybe it will be done next winter :slight_smile:

Hope everyone is doing well!

ps… I forgot to Thank Salmonmac for the cute stitch marker charms she sent along with Sunrise Snuggie. She also sent a card to go along with the blanket that all the knitters can sign. My other hobby is rubber stamping and I finally found a knitting stamp so one of these days I was going to make up a few cards or tags to send along with the blankets.


It took me four years to finish my first Log Cabin – baby size. :teehee: Next winter sounds very ambitious to me. :roflhard: (Trying to remember when I started this one – about a year ago, I think, and I haven’t picked it up at least since before summer.)


In reality 4-5 years sounds about right for me too :slight_smile: At least the log cabin pattern is in squares so I can call a square finished and feel like I’ve done something. Now, 12 squares is another story.


Patriotic Pets will be ready to go out in the mail tomorrow. I need to contact KristinMei for an address. I’ll also post a picture to show how the snuggie is coming along.


Hi guys - sorry I’ve been MIA! For some reason, I stopped getting notifications on updates to this thread. I’ve still got Pumpkin Patch. I’ve had an unexpectedly busy semester at school and zero free time, so I haven’t finished it yet, but should be able to get it moving soon!. Sorry for the delay!


I hope all is going well with school, and don’t be concerned about a delay. Happens to all of us for one reason or another.


All is well, Kristin. At least, I hope all is well… especially with you. :slight_smile: Patriotic Pets will go out in the mail tomorrow.


I’m glad to see the blankets moving along! :yay:

I’ve started knitting again and am current working on three projects: the placemat, the log cabin blanket, and a new scarf for my youngest. I watched the last three episodes of “Full Circle” last night (a DirecTV mini-series) and worked on a different project for each episode. I haven’t figured out what I want to commit to yet. :slight_smile:

My daughter and I are going to an overnight zoo trip with her scouting troop tomorrow (one night) and I’m debating which one to bring with me. I’m sure I’ll have time to work on something! I’m torn between the garter stitch afghan and the rib stitch scarf. The scarf is smaller, but garter stitch might be better when there is a lot going on around me.

If I’m creative, I might be able to fit all three projects into the bag that I’m currently keeping the afghan in. :teehee:


Sounds like a very full schedule, as usual. The zoo night should be lots of fun. Do you think there’s the possibility of a knitting badge for your daughter’s scout troop?


Yes, there is one – I’m just not sure that I am up to the task of teaching 20 6-8 year olds to knit! :noway: :teehee:

It’s part of a “textile” badge – they have to learn about a few skills like knitting, sewing, needlepoint, etc and then pick one, learn to do it, and then talk to their troop about the experience.

I may try it with my daughter, as I have a needlecraft skills, but right now she is working independently (that is, not with her troop) on her art badge. She is a talented painter for her age – in my opinion :lol: – and I’m encouraging her to work on that first.


It’s gotten very quiet again. How’s the knitting going, everybody? I’m ready to work on another blanket!


Agree! :-)!


Hi Everyone. Sorry for being so quiet. I’m still waiting on Blue Skies, but once I get that I can finish and start another blanket. I don’t know if you want to start the list for it or wait until Blue Skies is finished.