Oddball Pet Snuggles -- Part 2


Glad you got them! I thought the pencil pouch was cute and would be good for knitting tools. :slight_smile:

For everyone who hasn’t seen it, here’s [B]Blue Skies[/B]:


I’m not sure what was decided with [B]Blue Skies[/B]; I put Janis down in Kari’s second section and if that is wrong, please let me know.

What’s going on with[B] Patriotic Pets[/B]? I’m under the impression that it is moving forward, but haven’t seen either that it was sent or received. :slight_smile:

I think that [B]Pumpkin Patch[/B] is with/on its way to Kristin – is that right?

Thanks, ladies! :waving:


Pumpkin Patch is going in the mail tomorrow or Thursday. Just need to get it to the PO. I am going to take the 4th spot on Blue Skies. :slight_smile:


I’m waiting to send Patriotic Pets as soon as I hear back from Maryknitwit. She’s moving this summer and may be between addresses.


Pumpkin Patch went into the mail to Kristin this afternoon. Estimated delivery date is 9/14. :slight_smile:


Photo of Blue Skies looks wonderful. I’m very fond of blue.


If you don’t hear from her my I could switch spots with her! Just a thought.

Susan :knitting:


I received Pumpkin Patch yesterday, and it looks great! I’ll have to take it to go find yarn early this week. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the notebook, Janis!


Thank you for your offer! :thumbsup:

I have heard back from maryknitwit, and she is eager to begin knitting again, but I am concerned because she still has Sunrise Snuggle to send out and I am trying to keep our needles moving! :knitting:


Glad you like it. I thought it might fit in your supplies for pattern notes, etc. :hug:


I don’t remember if I thanked Susan for my notepad. If I didn’t I’m sorry :oops: I love it. It sits beside my bed and I use it probably daily.


You did! And your welcome!



:woohoo: Sunrise Snuggie is going out in the mail today! I promise! I’m printing the mailing label as I type! :woohoo:

I know I’m next in line for a blanket, so send it my way. :yay: I’m still in this stupid little shoebox of a duplex in Arkansas, wondering why I’m still here and nothing I can do about it. :grrr:

Sorry for the rant. :oops: I’m better now. :slight_smile:

Knit on!! :knitting: :knitting: :knitting:

P.S. I’m sending a card for the animal shelter this blanket gets donated to. I’ve written a note and signed it with my first name, last initial and which state I’m from. The rest of the knitters can sign however they want, IF they want.


Yay! Glad to hear it! :yay: (I’m glad that the blanket got mailed out, not that you’re stuck in an small place.)Thanks!


Sunrise Snuggle happily received. Thanks so much MaryKW for the great start and for the treats.


You’re more than welcome. I’m just sorry that it took me so long to get the blanket to you.


Patriotic Pets arrived today! Thanks for all the goodies! Yes, I constantly lose and find and lose and lose and find my tapestry needles, so having an extra pair will help greatly.


Blue Skies went out in the mail 2 days ago.

Sunrise Snuggie arrived in the mail yesterday!


Blue Skes looks gorgeous! Well done everyone.


Blue Skies arrived today! This is Homecoming weekend, football game tonight, and dance tomorrow night, hopefully I can start my rows Sunday!

Thanks for the awesome pens, Kari!! I have a school supply fetish lol.