Oddball Pet Snuggles - Cotton or Acrylic Yarn


I’m sorry, I didn’t see your question until now. The blanket was donated to Lake Animal Shelter in Chicago, IL.

I hope to get a picture of Horsin’ Around sometime this weekend when it’s not raining.



How is everyone doing? :knitting:


I am good. Recovering from surgery 4 weeks ago. But I have a new hip! Have any new blankets been started? I could start one if anyone is interested! Just let me know.
Have a great weekend!



Sakura-panda, the PuppyPurplePalooza is on its way! Sorry it took so long to get it to the post office. Hope it gets there quickly!


Glad to hear you are doing well, Susan! I am going to have to see how many people we have for knitting before we start a new one this close to the holidays.

Thanks for the update, Kristin. I have long road trips the next two weekends, so I definitely have time to work on it. :thumbsup:


Puppy Purplepalooza – oh my gosh it’s just adorable! :inlove: I’ll be getting some yarn to work on it this weekend.

This thread is in bad need of some updates – who is running this place anyway? :gah: :teehee: :roflhard:

Is anyone interested in working on another blanket? We can start signups and get started after we get enough knitters to finish one. I know there are/will be at least two empty needles to get started. Is anyone still interested? :thumbsup:

We can call one “Almost Purrfect” and the other “Pawsitively Great”. :knitting:


I’m glad it made it!

I will gladly contribute to another blanket.


I would be glad to work on another blanket.


I’m willing to work on a blanket.


That brings us up to four! :slight_smile:

Katie / sakurapanda
Kristin / KristinMei
Susan / susauehl

At least one more person would allow us to keep going the way we have been. However, if we don’t get any more volunteers, I can think of two options to keep this going:

  1. One person take two sections – maybe first and last, or two consecutive ones in the middle.

  2. Increase each section to 6 inches – so that the blankets will end up being 24 inches instead of 25 inches long.

What would you all like to do? Does anyone have another idea?


I like the idea of doing six inches on the blanket. Also if I am in the middle I would do two sections.



I’ll be happy to join you. I’ve never make pet blankets before but I would be delighted to be part of this.


I’m happy to work two sections or to do 6 inches. :slight_smile:


Puppy Purplepalooza is finished!

My section is to the far right and I used Vanna’s Choice in Purple Mist and Medium Purple.

I plan to drop it off aAdopt a Pet in Fenton, Michigan later this week.


I’m available for another blanket. :slight_smile:


[B]Updated Snuggle knitters: [/B]
Katie / sakurapanda
Kristin / KristinMei
Susan / susauehl

This is awesome! It looks like we have enough volunteers to start a new blanket (or two – or three). :yay:

I believe that Susan, Moonbunny and I each have a set of empty needles. ([B]Moonbunny [/B]-- did you ever get a picture of [B]Horsin’ Around[/B]?)

Let’s start some signups! :thumbsup: Please let me know if you have a preference for where you want to be (start, middle, finish or any).

[B]Calico Kitty[/B] (whites, browns, tans, blacks and all calico colors)

  1. Moonbunny

[B]Unnamed Snuggle 1[/B]:

  1. Susan/susanuehl

[B]Unnamed Snuggle 2[/B]:

  1. Katie/sakurapanda


My daughter took a pic of Horsin’ Around and I need to get it off her ipod touch. Will do so as soon as I can get a hold of her, ipod and my computer in the same room, lol. I do have the needles and am happy to get Calico Kitty started.


I have some yarn that will work for Calico Kitty. Any time works for me.


The blanket I will start will be called [B]Into The Forest.[/B]Use whatever colors you like!

Also please add me to the other two blankets. I would be glad to work on them.


I dropped off [B]Puppy Purplepalooza[/B] last week and received very warm thanks and gratitude. They asked for everyone’s address so that they could send thank you cards, but I told them that if they sent one to me, I would make sure you all see it. (Not like that other one they sent that I promised to share and never did. :oops: I know it’s in one of my to-do piles here next to my desk and still plan to post it for you to see.)

I always leave there wishing I could whip out another half dozen to give them right away. :teehee: :knitting:

Here is our new snuggle list; I’ll work out the order as soon as they are full since I want to give everyone (that wants to finish and start) an opportunity to donate and start new.

[B]Calico Kitty [/B](whites, browns, tans, blacks and all calico colors):

  1. Moonbunny
  2. KristinMei
  3. Susan/susanuehl

[B]Into The Forest[/B] (unthemed, any color):

  1. Susan/susanuehl

[B]Collie Cuddle[/B] (unthemed, any color, beginning with taupe and autumn colors):

  1. Katie/sakurapanda
  2. Susan/susanuehl