Oddball CARE Shawls (Triangle)


I got cotton fields today! thanks for the goodies Sandy!


I hope I remembered to send you the yarn you were using. I’ve been so scatter-brained lately! :roll:


No worries, you did!


Midnight Passion finally went out in the mail yesterday! Sorry for the delay!


No apology necessary, my friend. :hug:


Midnight Passion arrived today. It looks beautiful!

Thanks for the cute note pad, Lori. I am always searching for note pads for grocery lists and messages.:hug:


I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! :heart: :hug: :heart:
We will get our shawls going again in January.


Hi! Just wanted you to know I finished the next section on Cotton fields, it’s ready to pass on!:muah:


Can you use any more knitters for this project?

If so, I’m interested.

Having a great time with the baby blankets & pet snuggles.
Jill :x:


One of our Oddball Baby Blanket Knitters lost her husband during the holidays :pout: , so I’m mailing our “Blossoms of Joy” shawl to her. :heart:

Hi Jill! :waving:
Thank you for the offer. I have held off on starting more shawls right now, because I’m finishing up 8 of them right now. I was going to start some more up this month, but I’ve decided to wait until the spring.

You are welcome to send your information to me in a private message, and I will let you know when the shawls get started again. :hug:


Sorry for the delay! Midnight Passion Shawl and Cotton Fields Shawl were mailed today. They are beautiful! :inlove:


Cotton Fields came in the mail today. It is lovely. :heart: :heart:

Thank you Mary B for the notepad, I will get some good use out of it.


And I got Midnight Passion yesterday. GORGEOUS! :inlove:
Thank you for the adorable sheep pin, MaryB! LOVE IT! :heart:


Remember me? So sorry I have really been MIA. I have hardly picked up my knitting since summer hit. Won’t bore ya with my life , but would like to know if I am still on the list for knitting with the group here? I am clueless on what shawl I signed up for :shrug: I think it was a triangle and something forrest :shrug: can you help me remember Shandeh?


Hi Nana! :waving:

I have decided to discontinue our Oddball Shawl project. I still have 8 unfinished shawls at my house, which I will finish up and donate when the need arises.

The last time one of our shawls was donated was 6 months ago. I believe our need for shawls has been met, so there is no need to start more.

If I see the need for more shawls in the future, we will start making them again.

Thank you all for your amazing work on our shawls!
:heart: :muah: :heart:


Shandeh,I hope you will keep me on your list of knitters if or when you start the shawls back up again. I was really looking forward to working on one with you all.

I am limited to my knitting skills still , but I would love to help if you need any more knitters on some other projects . Just let me know.


If one were to try making a shawl this way, how big is it when it is finished and what method is used for bining off the edge?


Sure thing! :hug:
Sorry we weren’t able to get any more started right now.

The shawl can be as big or as small as you want. It’s just a basic triangle that gets larger with every row you knit. Just bind it off when it looks the way you want it to.

The bind off is just your normal bind off. It is bound off at the widest part of the triangle, so just remember to keep the stitches loose as you bind off.


I was just looking at the oddball blanket thread and it hit me! I am very limited to stitch patterns so why not sit down with my Donna Kooler’s Encyclopedia of Knitting with 150 stitch patterns and just start teaching myself row after row some new stitch patterns and make a strange blanket ?

I’m off to get started :x:


Have fun!
I used to do that too. It was fun. I learned a lot by trying out different stitches.

You will discover that sometimes the fabric will draw in to become more narrow, which will change the shape of your blanket. So, be sure to put in a lifeline yarn before you start each new section. If you don’t like the way it looks, you can unravel to the lifeline and try a different stitch. :thumbsup: