Oddball CARE Shawls (Triangle)


You are welcome, and thank YOU for the yarn it is such a gorgeous color!:muah: Cotton fields got here today!:yay:


Pink Passion is ready for the next knitter:cheering:


I will be able to get Purple Paradise in the mail by Saturday - on the off chance I can get to the PO on Thursday, I’ll do it then, but lately, I am only reliably getting there on Saturdays (I missed this last week because of a last minute mini vacation). I’ll post the conf # when I get it.


Yay! I’ll check on the next knitter right now. :hug:

Thanks for letting us know Beth. :thumbsup:


Ocean Fantasy is ready for the next knitter:woot:


Thanks Lori! :heart:


:sun:Sunbeams Shawl is ready to leave the hot summer days of Chicagoland! :sun:
It is beautiful.:inlove:


I’m ready for it, MaryB! :woohoo:


Ocean Fantasy went out yesterday. Conf # 0308 2690 0000 8230 7448. Pink Passion went out as well, conf # 0308 2690 0000 8230 7455.:happydance:


Ocean Fantasy arrived on Friday!


Sunbeams Shawl is on the way to Shandeh!:woohoo:
Sorry for the delay. :oops:
Confirmation # 0308 2690 0001 6474 1375


I got Purple Passion yesterday!:cheering: It really looks pretty! Thank you for the beautiful yarn, Beth. I am already mulling over ideas for it!


Thanks MaryB! No worries about the delay. I am the QUEEN of procrastination. :teehee:


I have received Pink Passion, just waiting for it to cool down a bit before I pick it up to knit my section.


Purple Passion is ready for the next knitter!:knitting:


Cotton Fields is ready for the next knitter!
I will get the yarn back to you as soon as I can get to the post office Sandy!:muah:


I’m the next knitter, so just put everything in the package, and I’ll put a skein back in there for you to knit the next section after me. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need my mailing address.


I think I have it!:roflhard: I’ll try to get it out by this weekend. Unless more craziness ensues and I refuse to leave the house again.:hair:


I thought i had posted, but I guess I only did it in my head :roll: - I am finished with Ocean Fantasy almost a week ago - where does it go next?


Time for me to knit the center section!
Golly, I’m gonna have a house full of shawls…INSANE! :teehee:
It always happens this way, though.

I’ll cast on some of the rectangle ones soon, to get those going.