Oddball CARE Shawls (Triangle)


I sent out Pink Passion and Cotton Feilds to the next knitter. Sorry for the delay. I finally made it to the post office.


Sunbeams looks great. Good job everyone.:yay: :yay:


Whoa…that was fast! :shock:

I’ll check on the next knitter right now. :thumbsup:


Purple Paradise arrived today! I don’t think I’ll be quite as speedy as Mulderknitter though! And Sunbeams is looking good …:mrgreen:


“Ocean Fantasy” was mailed this morning to Farmgirl. Confirmation #0308 0660 0000 1795 4742
Happy knitting!:knitting:

“Cotton Fields” arrived yesterday. It is so soft and pretty!
Thanks for the gift, Lisa.:hug:


“PinkPassion” arrived yesterday!:cheering: Thank you for the cookies, Lisa. It is a gift that my whole fanily will enjoy!:hug:


You are welcome Mary B and Lori.:hug:


Thank you all for your hard work on our shawls!
I’m sure they will all be loved and appreciated by the special people who will receive them.


Cotton Fields Shawl is ready for the next knitter. It was nice to work with cotton for a change----so soft!cloud9


Thanks MaryB! I enjoy working with the cotton yarn also. :slight_smile:

I’ll check with the next knitter right now.


I was wondering how the Forest Walk shawl was coming along. I signed up to knit on it ,but I haven’t heard anything on it yet.


“Ocean Fantasy” arrived yesterday! It is so beautiful! Thank you, Mary B., for the notepad set! The colors are lovely!


Hi Nana! I haven’t cast on any of the rectangle shawls yet. I’ll let you all know when they are ready to get started.


Thanks, I was just wondering,that’s all.


Purple Paradise is all ready to go to the next knitter!


Sunbeams went in the mail today!


Cotton Fields shawl was sent out today…it is on the way to Mulderknitter!:knitting:


Sandy, am I waiting on yarn from you for this one?


Yes ma’am, you are. :wink:
I’ll be mailing it to you this Saturday, so you should have it by Monday or Tuesday.


Sunbeams Shawl arrived today.:sun: Thanks, Mulderknitter, for the yarn and beautiful note pad. :hug: