Oddball CARE Shawls (Triangle)


Wow! You don’t check in for a while, and there are a whole new slew of shawls … in exciting new shapes! Sandy, you can sign me up anywhere you need a knitter - I’ve got blue and and green for sure, and neutrals too, most likely. Animal and acrylic, but most of my acrylic is baby colored for the oddball baby blankets …

And I got Sunbeams last week - my dh got it while I was at the shore with the kids. Thanks for the pattern book! The patterns ARE nice, and the photos are a riot :roflhard:


Me too. I’ve found the times I try to plan ahead, I often get the wrong shade. I’ve only had it work really well with the grays and black and whites.

And welcome nanaof6! These oddball projects gave me a sense of belonging too when I first joined … still do, truth be told;)


Good idea, and thanks for the warm welcomes. By the way you all can call me Nana.


Thank you all for loving our project as much as I do!
:heart: :muah: :heart:

Thanks Nancy! Rest easy…ALL of us will only be knitting once on each of our new rectangle shawls. We can change colors ourselves, and use up our bits of nice yarn. :smiley:

I’ve added you to “Blue Heaven”, “Pure and Natural”, and “Forest Walk” as you requested. :thumbsup:

I agree, Susan! We should definitely use [U]NICE[/U] acrylic. [B]NO SCRATCHY STUFF[/B]!! :fingerwag: We can also use blends with polyester and nylon or other man made fibers in the mix. As long as we avoid wool in those shawls, we’ll be fine. Recently, I made an acrylic shawl (the secret project I was talking about earlier) It turned out nice!

For that shawl, I used all sorts of acrylic yarns, some of them vintage, and all of them [U]soft[/U]:
(links go to my Ravelry page for these yarns)
Vintage Caron Color Perfect in Wine
Bernat Satin in Crimson
Vintage Caron Dazzleaire in Mulberry
Caron Simply Soft in Autumn Red
Patons Glittalic in Rose Glow
Vintage Vonnel Love Knit in Red/White

Thanks Nana! You might want to use some of your acrylic yarn for our Oddball Pet Snuggles. Those snuggles really eat up yarn, because you hold two strands together to make the snuggles. Mulderknitter handles those in another discussion thread, so check with her if you’re interested. :slight_smile:


Thanks Beth! :hug:
I’ve added you to the “Blue Heaven” and “Forest Walk” for your blue and green yarns. I might add you to our “Flower Power” acrylic shawl, which will be made with bright, happy colors. Do you have any bright yellow or lime green yarn?

:teehee: Some of those photos are GREAT!
Here’s a couple examples, so everyone can share in our enjoyment:
“Surfer” Sweaters

"Really Cool" Guys in the 60’s

My next post will list all our shawls, with all the knitters.


I received Midnight Passion today in the mail. It is really looking nice. Thanks Lori for the beautiful pink yarn. I will look thru my stash to see what I have to use on this shawl. Maybe I have a LYS trip in my future…:stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you also for the baby hat. I’ve added it to my “Make 1 for Morgan” collection. I will be taking all that I collect to the NICU at the hospital in early August.

Lori, did you intend to leave the yarn you used in the bag? If not I will be happy to send it back to you.

So here are the shawls I have to work on at my home right now:

  1. Pink Passion (already started)
  2. Cotton Fields
  3. Midnight Passion


I forgot my yarn in there. I was in a rush that morning. I’ll need it to do my other part of the shawl. Sandy, can we just leave it in the bag so that Lia doesn’t have to mail it back? Sorry for the inconvenience.:aww:


I have both yellow AND bright lime green acrylic yarns, so you can add me to that one too!

And I finished with Sunbeams! I used a coral color, in case I don’t get a photo posted.


Okay, here’s our list of shawls right now:

[U]Blossoms of Joy, Rainy Day, Angel Wings, Misty Greys, & Blue Skies[/U]
[I]being finished by Shandeh[/I]

[U]Pink Passion, Midnight Passion, and Cotton Fields[/U]
[I]with luvmykid28[/I]

[U]Purple Paradise[/U]
[I]with Spanky51[/I]

[U]Ocean Fantasy[/U]
[I]with MaryB[/I]

[I]with threesmom[/I]

[SIZE=3][B]RECTANGLE SHAWLS[/B][/SIZE] - getting started soon
(Each of these shawls has room for 1 or 2 more knitters)

[U]Blue Heaven[/U] - shades of blue
[I]Shandeh, MaryB, pinnut3200, threesmom, farmgirl[/I]

[U]Pure & Natural[/U] - beige, natural, brown, all wool
[I]Shandeh, luvmykid28, Mulderknitter, farmgirl, pinnut3200[/I]

[U]Forest Walk[/U] - green, brown, beige, grey, black
[I]Shandeh, Nanaof6, threesmom, MaryB, pinnut3200[/I]

[B][SIZE=3]RECTANGLE ACRYLIC SHAWLS[/SIZE][/B] - getting started soon

[U]Flower Power[/U] - (Bright, Happy Colors)
Red, Orange, Lime Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple

[U]Starry Night[/U] - Black & Silver

[U]Violet Haze[/U] - Dark Blues & Purples


Sure thing! It can stay with the shawl, to make it easy for you to add your other section later. :hug:

Cool! I’ve added you to the “Flower Power” shawl. :thumbsup:


No problem Lori, I will leave your yarn in the bag when I sent it to the next knitter.

Go ahead and add me to Blue Heaven, Forest Walk, Flower Power, Starry Night and Violet Haze.

I really enjoy working on these shawls and look forward to seeing the new styles.


I have both orange (Mango) and yellow (Lemonade) in Caron Simply Soft…will that work for “Flower Power”?


I have completed my section of Pink Passion (I ran out of yarn). I will be finished with tonight. Who’s next?


Thanks Lisa! :slight_smile:
Which color do you want for the “Flower Power” shawl?
(Red, Orange, Bright Yellow, Lime Green, Hot Pink, Purple)


Perfect! :thumbsup: Just let me know which one you prefer to use.

I’ll check with the next knitter right now. :slight_smile:


Red will be fine.


It really doesn’t matter. I have a full skein of each of them without a project to their name; so, just let me know


I would like to knit on Starry Night and Violet Haze, please.:knitting:


Purple paradise is off to the next knitter. Should arrive at it’s destination by the end of the week.:knitting:


I got Sunbeams today, she sure is pretty already!
thanks for the yarn! I love all of the brown sheep yarn!


Not trying to win a race or anything, but I finished my part on Sunbeams. I used about 80 yards of Classic Elite Imagine. The pic makes it look more purply, but it really is quite orangey!

If you could get me the address of the next knitter Sandy?