Oddball CARE Shawls (Triangle)


Here you all are! I just stumbled across this thread and realized I posted my thank you for my beautiful
"Magic" shawl in the wrong thread. I posted a “Thank You” right when I got it , sorry I posted it in the wrong thread.

My husband had his second Kidney surgery on June 25th , he’s home now and recovering well. I took my “Magic” shawl with me to the clinic because I know how cold it can be in there and I was glad I did. I thought about the love that went into making my Shawl and thought of each of you that had a hand in making it for me. Thank you all.

We are now waiting for the pathology test to find out if it was Cancer or Benign, the first surgery test came back Benign:woot: so we are prayer this one will too.

I would love to join your OddBall shawl knitting group if you’ll have me. I would love to share the feeling I got from you all when I received my shawl.



This week, I received the “Misty Greys” and the “Blue Skies” shawls from MaryB, along with a gift to help with postage!
Thank you SO much, MaryB. Your gift came at the perfect time, just as I was walking out the door to the post office. I was sending out lots of Oddball Shawls and Oddball Blankets, and the total at the post office came to over 40 bucks!


Hi Nana! :waving:
Thank you for your kind message. We are so glad you like your shawl! :slight_smile:

And we’d be so pleased to have you join our little group of shawl knitters. :hug: Right now, there are 8 of us. (Believe it or not, at one time, we had over 30 knitters involved in the project!)

We’ll be starting some new shawls in a couple weeks. We’ve decided to try making some rectangle shawls for a while, because we already have plenty of triangle shawls in progress.

The rectangle shawls will be knit lengthwise (200 stitches each row), and we should change colors after each inch. So, the finished shawls will be pretty and colorful, with equal sections of color throughout. I’m looking forward to seeing how they turn out!

I’ll be casting on 3 rectangle shawls next week, using neutral colors. They should work well while we are learning how to make rectangles together. Once again, we will just be knitting every row, to keep it simple. Just be sure to knit an EVEN number of rows, so the color changes will be consistent throughout.

Here are the names of the shawls:
"[B]Mocha Dream[/B]" - brown yarns
"[B]Pure & Natural[/B]" - beige and brown 100% WOOL yarns
"[B]Forest Walk[/B]" - green, brown, beige, grey, and black yarns

I think we’ll use [U]worsted[/U] weight yarns on these three, just to continue our “new style” vein. :wink: Plus, they will be nice and warm for our Fall and Winter recipients.

I’ll need about 4 or 5 knitters on each shawls, so let me know now which one(s) you would like to join! :slight_smile:


Please put me on the list for Pure & Natural. I have 2 questions:
Is alpaca considered wool? Can I hold a DK yarn doubled to make worsted?

I hope I don’t sound too ignorant. I’m kinda new to animal fibers, so I’m not always sure. :think:


I will be happy to work on any of the shawls. All the colors sound wonderful.:knitting:


I’d like to be apart of the “[B]Forest Walk[/B]”

But I only have in my yarn stash right now 100% acrylic , and I have green, brown, beige,and a variegated yarn ,'forest medley’of dark green,lighter green, dark brown, tan, and it has an dark orange color in it, I made my Einstein Coat out of this, I posted a picture of it on here in my blog, take a look at it . Will 100% acrylic work?

I’m a fairly new knitter but as long as it doesn’t get to complicated I am sure I can do it.

How does this all work? Do you email us the next knitters home address ?


If you want to enable and send me to the yarn store, go ahead and put me on whichever you need me on. Garter stitch is nice meditative knitting for me (why I like my snuggle group so much!) :yay:


Thanks ladies! :hug:
I’ll post a list of knitters for each shawl very soon.

Yes…alpaca is wool. Wool just means animal fiber. Some wool is thinner than others (like rabbit or goat fiber). The wool we need for this shawl should come from sheep, alpaca, or llama. Most wool you find in yarn stores comes from sheep. :wink:

DK held double is a little thicker than worsted, but I think it will work just fine for our shawl. :slight_smile:

No, we need to use really [U]NICE[/U] yarn for the shawls. Don’t worry, I have PLENTY of nice yarn that has been donated for our shawls. (My cousin owns a yarn shop.) So, I’ll be more than happy to send you some yarn to use when you work on them. :thumbsup:

It will be super easy, my friend. We just knit every row. The only thing to watch for is to [B]always change colors on the same side[/B]. That makes the color changes look nice. So, all the loose ends will be hanging on one end of the shawl.

When you finish knitting your section, just send me a private message here in the forum. I’ll check with the next knitter, and send you their mailing address. When we send our packages, we always get delivery confirmation (80 cents). This way, we can check on line to see when it was delivered.

I keep a spreadsheet, listing everyone’s names and addresses. I also keep a list that shows where all the shawls are currently located. It’s best this way, so we don’t lose any of our shawls.
By the way, here is our blog: http://oddballshawls.blogspot.com/

:hug: Thanks Susan! Also, if you ever need yarn for our shawls, and you can’t afford to buy it…just let me know.


One more thing…

Since Nana of 6 asked about acrylic yarn, it got me thinking.

One time, I wanted to send a shawl to someone here in the forum that was going through a difficult time. But, she was allergic to wool. So, I had to figure something out on my own. (I’m still working on it, as a matter of fact.)

So, maybe we SHOULD make a few acrylic shawls, just in case.

I’ll cast on a few for our next round. :thumbsup:


Okey dokey…here’s the list.

By the way, I decided to change the “Mocha Dream” shawl to a [U]blue[/U] shawl instead. I realized that I had brown in every shawl. That was just too much brown! :teehee: The blue shawl will be called “[B]Blue Heaven[/B]”. :heart:

So, here’s what I have right now:

[B][U]Blue Heaven[/U][/B] - blue yarns

[B][U]Pure & Natural[/U][/B] - beige, natural, brown, all wool

[B][U]Forest Walk[/U][/B] - green, brown, beige, grey, black
Nana of 6


I have some Caron Simply Soft if that will work for this one. Bright Orange and Yellow as well as 2 pinks and a grey-blue.

If any of those will work with what you decide to start this one with, you can add me to it.:hug:


Thanks Pam! :slight_smile:
Caron Simply Soft would work well for the acrylic shawls.
I’ll let you know when we cast them on. We’ll probably only do three shawls in acrylic, just to have on hand for people with allergies.


Add me to all three shawls if you need more knitters. I can only do one section on each though instead of the usual two.


I’m glad you decided to add a few acrylic to the mix. Nice acrylic mind you, but Caron simply soft is readily available to most knitters and is pretty darn cheap. There are also a few other major companies that make a nice soft acrylic in several weights, I appreciate the variety!



No, we need to use really [U]NICE[/U] yarn for the shawls. Don’t worry, I have PLENTY of nice yarn that has been donated for our shawls. (My cousin owns a yarn shop.) So, I’ll be more than happy to send you some yarn to use when you work on them. :thumbsup:


I really appreciate your offer but I am more then willing to get what ever yarn is needed. I just was hoping to find a use for some of my acrylic yarn.

I am just proud to be apart of your group. :woot:

With my DH having Cancer I know how good it felt when I received my shawl . This is a Great Cause!


Well add me to that list too! I have tons of it .

In colors of :

Dark brown
Dark Blue
Variegated Forest Medly (dr,green,brown,tan,beige,dr orange
Med,green(pea soupish)


Welcome, Nanaof6!:hug: I am only Nana to 1, but he is very busy and sometimes it seems like there are 6 of him:teehee:

Sandy, I would really like to help on Blue Heaven and Pure and Natural if you still need knitters. Midnight Passion went out to Luvmykid28 Thursday (with delivery confirmation). The postmistress said it should arrive Monday or so. I don’t have the slip here handy but do let me know if you need the tracking numbers. I am so excited about the new shawls:cheering:


Thanks Lori, I finally feel like I have a place here. It’s nice to be apart of this group.


For the Forest Walk Shawl, what type of yarn do you recommend. I LOVE having a reason to go to my LYS!!

How will I know what color to buy?


From my own experience, a lot of people wait until they get the blanket/shawl in the mail to take it to their lys and match colors. That’s what I usually do!