Oddball CARE Shawls (Triangle)


I just stash-dove and found some classice elite Cashcotton, cotton, angora and cashmere blend. Would this work for your cotton shawl? If so, go ahead and add me. No hard feelings if it doesn’t, I know you said 100% cotton. I have it in a denim blue and a light pink color.


Welcome to the Oddball Shawls, Mulderknitter!:cheering: I’m so glad you’ll be helping us!:hug:


Susan, hang onto that yarn for a different shawl.
I’m wanting this particular shawl to be 100% cotton, so we can have it on hand to give to a person that is allergic to animal fibers. :thumbsup:


You bet! I wasn’t even thinking about the animal fiber part. Just the yummy yarn part. :muah:



Now if you want, I could send you some yarn to use for it. I’ve got some nice DK cotton in my stash that would work well for it. :wink:


If you need the help you bet!
I know I have 100% cotton that is nice, but can’t for the life of me remember the weight.:??


Yay! :woohoo:
I’d LOVE to add you to that shawl.
Now our list of knitters will be complete on all our triangle shawls!

Thanks Mulderknitter. :slight_smile:


Blue Skies and Misty Grey shawls are ready to move along. (I think they are anxious to leave Chicago’s hot and humid weather.):sun: :zombie: :sun:
They are beautiful!
I would be happy to knit on any shape shawl. Triangle or rectangle----I just like knitting on a shawl that will bring some warmth and joy to someone.:muah:


Thanks MaryB. :hug:
I’m the next knitter, because those shawls are ready to be completed! Yay!!!

I’ll knit the last section, bind off, and finish them off for donation.

We are making shawls so much quicker now! :woohoo:


Sandy, just wondering when it’s my turn to work on the shawls I signed on to work on? I think there are 2 of them. I am anxious to get started.


I have you signed up to work on three shawls:
Pink Passion, Midnight Passion, and Cotton Fields

Pink Passion is with me right now, and I just finished knitting the center section. Are you ready to add another section of knitting now?

Midnight Passion is with farmgirl. I’ll let you know when she is ready to send it to you.

I have Cotton Fields ready to mail to you now. If you want, I’ll send both Pink Passion and Cotton Fields at the same time.


Sure send them both. I’m looking forward to getting them.


Midnight Passion is ready to go to the next knitter. :cheering: Or it can stay here for a while if Luvmykid is too overwhelmed with the other 2 shawls and I can just pet it:)


You can send it my way. I am ready.


I still have your address but I probably won’t get it to the post office until Monday. The shawl is really pretty and soooo soft!


No problem. I can’t wait to see/feel it.


Thank you both! :hug:
Farmgirl, remember to get delivery confirmation when sending the package. We don’t want to lose our precious knitting!

Have a good weekend, everyone.

By the way, I’m FINALLY going to be mailing out packages on Monday. I had no money last week, but this week, I was able to teach several piano lessons, so now I can afford to go to the post office!


I mailed two shawls to Sandy yesterday—Blue Skies and Misty Greys are on their way.:woot:
Confirmation #0308 0660 0000 1794 3630


I got Cotton Fields and Pink Passion in the mail yesterday. I also found some lovely yarn in the box too. Thank you very much for your kindness. I look forward to finding the perfect pattern for it. I will let you know when I am ready to send it to the next person.:knitting: :knitting: :knitting: Happy 4th of July!!!


Ocean Fantasy Shawl arrived yesterday along with some beautiful sock yarn . Thanks, Sandy!:muah: I love knitting socks!