Oddball CARE Shawls (Triangle)


Thank you both! :slight_smile:
MaryB, I added you to the “Ocean Fantasy” shawl. So, we need 2 more knitters for that one.
luvmykid is on “Cottonfields”, ready for 2 more knitters as well!


Midnight Passions Shawl arrived a few days ago. Thank you, Shandeh, for the beautiful yarn. I am sure I will find a use for it!:knitting:
The shawl is ready to move on to the next knitter. Let me know where to send it.


Purple Paradise is on it’s way to Shandeh. Mailed it off today.


I’ve been working on Misty Greys and Blue Skies - thanks for the super soft yarn, Sandy! Can’t wait to use it.

And I love working on the shawls - you can add me to wherever you need.


Thanks MaryB! I’m checking on the next knitter right now.

:woohoo: Yay!

Thanks Beth!
I added you to the “Ocean Fantasy” and the “Sunbeam” shawls.

While I was at the beach this past weekend, I finished the first section of the “Ocean Fantasy” and “Sunbeam” shawls. I’m doing “Cottonfields” tonight.


This week, I received the “Purple Paradise” shawl from spanky51. Everyone has done a great job so far! :slight_smile:

I like the flower magnets you sent, spanky51! They look very pretty on my fridge, beside the crocheted flowers lestrella gave me a couple years ago. :heart:

And here are our next three shawls, ready to travel. “Sunbeams”, “Cottonfields”, and “Ocean Fantasy”.

I did “Sunbeams” and “Ocean Fantasy” while I was at the beach last weekend. I completed “Cottonfields” last night.

I used some pretty red mohair yarn for the “Sunbeams” shawl. It will look nice with some yellow and orange and coral yarns added along. Very “sunny”. :sun: The red yarn was a gift from Sara at Cottage Yarnfor my charity knitting. :slight_smile:

The “Ocean Fantasy” shawl was started with four different yarns in my stash. Some of them were just small balls left in my basket, but I do know a couple of them by name.

Lane Cervinia “Softer”, and Unger “Fluffy Tweed” (the green section). The other two yarns have been in my stash for a very long time, with no label. One of them is a wool/silk blend I got on ebay. The other is a pretty mohair blend. I think they all look “oceany”, so they should work well with the shawl.
Here’s a photo of the Lane Cervinia “Softer”:

The “Cottonfields” shawl was started with some old yarn I got on eBay. It’s called “Cotton Carole” by Jessan. I really love that yarn. Now, you will all get to see it firsthand! :slight_smile:


the new shawls look great. I can’t wait to add my little touch of love too.
:heart: :heart: :heart:


Pink Passion finally went out to you today, Sandy! Sorry it took so long, but I have been working a lot! The confirmation number is 0308 2690 0000 8230 6342. I’m looking forward to seeing it on the flip side!:slight_smile:


Midnight Passion Shawl is on the way to Farmgirl. Confirmation #0308 0660 0000 1791 4944
Happy Knitting!:knitting:


This week, I’ve received the “Pink Passion” and “Purple Paradise” shawls. (that’s a lot of "P"s!) :teehee:

I’ll be mailing out Cotton Fields, Ocean Fantasy, and Sunbeams this week.


The new shawls look great Sandy! I’m always psyched to add a bit of warmth to them!

And I have finished up with[B] Misty Greys[/B] and [B]Blue Skies[/B] … such pretty, squishy blankies! Where to next?


I think MaryB, but I’ll check with her right now. :slight_smile:


Midnight Passion was waiting for me when I got home from work last night. It already looks beautiful! Thank you, Mary B, for the birthday present. It is going in my knitting bag & I wil think of you when I use it.:hug:


Midnight Passion is nearly ready for the next knitter. I went to the LYS with a friend & sat and knitted yesterday. :knitting: It was so much fun! Shandeh, do you still need any knitters on the new shawls? I would love to help on one of them.


Yay! I’ll check with the next knitter now, Lori. :hug:

Thanks for offering to help with the other shawls! I’ve added you to the “Ocean Fantasy” shawl.

Now, we just need one more knitter for “Cotton Fields” and “Sunbeams”.


Both shawls arrived earlier this week. I’m working on them now.:knitting: :knitting: :knitting: :knitting: :knitting: :knitting: :knitting: :knitting: :knitting:
Thanks for the beautiful yarn, Threesmom. I love the color!:heart:


Thanks MaryB! :slight_smile:
I’m still working on the “Purple Paradise” and “Pink Passion” shawls. I’ll probably be ready to send them out by next week.

I haven’t mailed out the other shawls yet either, so I’ll just send them all out at once.

[B][COLOR=blue]By the way, I’m thinking of changing our project in the Fall.[/COLOR][/B]
Right now, there are only 7 of us working on the triangle shawls.

I think we’ll finish up this next batch of triangle shawls, then switch to a different kind of shawl in the Fall. Hopefully, this will bring in some more knitters, because it will be easier to do.

Here’s my thought:
We could make rectangle shawls instead, working on them lengthwise. I would cast on 200 stitches, and we would each knit only [U]one[/U] time. I think it would look nice if the shawls were knit with small sections of different color changes. Maybe one inch of each color. We could use different kinds of yarn, including DK, sportweight, light worsted, and worsted. So, it would be a good way to use up small bits of our stash.

Each knitter would choose how many inches they want to knit.

What do you all think?


I’ve recently started to knit legnthwise scarves, I think it’s a great idea to change up the shawls that way. :woot: The last scarf I did was in sport weight yarn, and I cast on 220 sts, which made it long enough to wrap around the neck once w/ some lenghtn.


I think that sounds like a great idea, too!


Thanks for your agreement, my friends!
I’m excited about making a change. I think it will be fun.
We might go back to making some triangle shawls again later, but I think it will be nice to have a variety of different shawls available to give to our friends.

So far, we’ve given away 10 of our triangle shawls, and I still have 3 more that I’m finishing up. Also, we have 8 more in progress right now. So, we’ve been doing a good job on the triangles.

Now, it’s time for a new shape. :slight_smile:

Maybe one day, we’ll make some diamonds or squares. :teehee:

By the way, we have a new Oddball Shawl Knitter in our midst. Everyone say “welcome” to Mulderknitter!

She’ll be working on the “Sunbeams” shawl with us.

Now, we just need one person to knit on the Cotton Fields shawl. (it’s a triangle shawl, being knit with 100% cotton nice DK yarn)