Oddball CARE Shawls (Triangle)


Yay! Thanks for joining! Now, we have all the knitters we need for that shawl. :slight_smile:

I’ll check with the next knitter right now. :thumbsup:


Thanks for the updating us on the shawls, Sandy - I’m so glad some of the shawls are in the hands of those who can use some warmth - physical or emotional. And I love seeing some of the finished ones - [B]Shades of Pale[/B] and [B]Blossoms of Joy[/B] look fantastic!!:heart:

It looks like there might be enough knitters, but just in case, I’d take a spot on the [B]Midnight[/B] shawl - I can’t wait to see ones in dark shades!

And I’m all set to send out both [B]Misty Greys[/B] and [B]Purple Paradise[/B] - I think I have your address, Sandy, so I’ll just need to know where to send out Paradise.:thumbsup:



I’ll let you do the center section instead of me, Beth.
Now, you’re one of the “Midnight Passion” knitters. :wink:

Thanks! Go on and send Misty Greys my way. I don’t have a knitter for Purple Paradise, because the person who wanted to work on it earlier never responded to my messages.

Would anyone else besides threesmom and farmgirl want to knit a section of “[B]Purple Paradise[/B]”? :pray:

I forgot to mention that I received the “Blue Skies” shawl from MaryB this week. It’s gorgeous! :inlove: MaryB, thanks so much for the gifts! :hug: The tea is DELICIOUS, and the sticky note pad is wonderful! I’m keeping the notepad in my car to use with my piano students. It’s perfect, because it has so many different size sticky notes to choose from. :thumbsup:

I’ll try to post a photo of the shawl this week. My camera is on the blink right now. :pout:


Pink Passion went ut today to farmgirl. Sorry for the delay, last week got away form me.

Confirmation # 0308066000003188466


I got Pink Passion on Thursday. Sorry for the delay in posting, but my girls were using my computer a lot for homework. Thank you for the notepad, Robyn! Everyone has uased such beautiful yarns! I can’t wait to get started on my section!:hug:


I finished my section for the Blue Skies shawl, and now I’m knitting another section using the yarn that MGM sent with the shawl. (She’s only knitting once on this shawl)

I’ll let you all know when it’s ready to move to the next knitter.


I am almost done with my section on Pink Passion. :yay: Who gets it next?


That would be me! It’s time for me to knit the center section. Our shawls are growing quickly! :slight_smile:


We have a new knitter for our shawls! :cheering:

Everyone welcome spanky51 to our group.


Welcome aboard, glad you can join the fun!!!:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Welcome spanky51!:cheering:

I FINALLY mailed off [B]Misty Grey[/B]s to you today, Sandy. Sorry for the delay … I started off by trying to wait to mail it until I knew where [B]Purple Paradise[/B] was going, but then I thought I’d better just move it along.:wink:

Speaking of [B]Purple Paradise[/B], do we know yet where it is going next?


Thanks Beth! :slight_smile:

I just finished working on the “blues” shawl, so I’ll be ready for your “grays” shawl now. :wink:

I’ll check on the “purples” shawl later. I’m stuck in bed with a fever right now.


Hope you feel better soon.:hug:


Thanks! :slight_smile:
I’m feeling better, but still cancelled piano lessons today. I didn’t want my students to catch whatever it was.

I’m spending another day in bed…knitting.
OH, the SACRIFICE! :teehee:


That’s the way to make lemonade out of lemons;) Hope you feel better soon!


Here are a couple photos for you all…

The Blue Skies shawl after I knit two more sections.

And the Misty Grays shawl after threesmom. Thanks for the beautiful skein of yarn, Beth! :hug:


Got purple paradise in the mail today and will get started on it tomorrow. Also thanks Beth for the yarn. I love it. The color is really nice and I look forward to knitting something grand out of it.:knitting:


So glad you got the shawl! :slight_smile:

Today, I mailed out 3 shawls:
[B]“Midnight Passion”[/B] to MaryB
0308 3390 0001 6792 8896

[B]“Misty Greys”[/B] & [B]“Blue Skies”[/B] to threesmom
0308 3390 0001 6792 8889

Next week, I’ll be casting on 3 summery shawls:
[B]“Cottonfields”[/B] (nice, lightweight DK cotton yarns)
[B]“Sunbeams”[/B] (orange, yellow, & coral)
[B]“Ocean Fantasy”[/B] (blue, green, teal, aqua)

Anyone interested in working on one of those?


I’m always interested in working on the shawls-------so if you need me sign me up.:slight_smile:


I’d love to work on a summer shawl. Sign me up for the cotton one.