Oddball CARE Shawls (Triangle)


Sandy, I would love to be a part of the Pink Passion Shawl, if you’ll just tell me what to do.


Yay! Thanks for offering to join our project! :cheering:
I’ll send you a private message with all the details.


You’re welcome, I am happy to help. I’ve been wanting toget involved with these for a while.


Purple Paradise was waiting in my mailbox when I got home tonight!:cheering: I can’t wait to get started. Thank you for the yarn, Sandy, it is so pretty!cloud9


You’re welcome! :hug:


Misty Grey arrived today.

Sandy, thank you for the treats :muah:

I have my section knit, and it is ready for the next knitter. Who gets it next?


Purple Paradise is ready for the next lucky knitter. Sandi, my girls oohed and aahed over your section. They really liked the yarn!


I would like join Purple Paradise.


Thanks Lori!
I used Patons Brilliant for my section of the Purple Paradise shawl. Here’s a photo of the four shawls I started, with the yarn for each one:

Hi Sandy! :waving:
Thanks for asking to join!
I’ll send you a private message with information about our project, so you can sign up. :slight_smile:



Blue Skies is ready for the next knitter. I’m doing a write up on this wonderful work we all do here on KH for my website and I’ll include a picture of Blue Skies as it is to date. It will be posted in the morning 3/19 if you want to take a look at it.

Sandy, if you could PM the address of the next knitter, I’ll send it along with the leftover yarn for the fringe.



Thanks Mary Grace! :hug:
I looked at your website - the shawl looks great! :slight_smile:
I’ll check with the next knitter right now, and will send you a message when I have their information.


I haven’t been able to get into this site for a week. Sandy, did you send the shawl yet? I haven’t received it yet, it’s the 19th and was just wondering.


Hi Kelly! :waving:

I’m still putting together your package. I’m sending you some bamboo knitting needles and stuff. (I can’t use wooden needles, and I know that you like them.) I should be sending it out by this weekend. :hug:


I just sent out Blue Skies to threesmom today…confirmation number 0308 3390 0000 0377 4939



Thanks Mary Grace! :hug:


I got blue skies in the mail today and I already picked out the yarn – I had a lonely skein of Malabrigo that goes really well, so now I can’t wait to get started!

And thank you [I]so much[/I], Mary Grace, for the beautiful washcloth!! I love it! I think you may have just spoiled me for my old regular ones though … Maybe I’ll finally get motivated to use some of my standard cotton and knit up a few.


“Misty Grey” arrived this week and it is beautiful. I found a great yarn to add to the shawl and should have my section done in a day or two.
Thank you Pinnut for the lovely yarn, yummy candy and the teas. You were very thoughtful. I ate the candy, my husband has his eye on the tea-------I think I am safe with the yarn!:hug:


You are very welcome for the washcloth! I hope you enjoy it. That was the gum drop one that I showed on my website recently, and I got lots of comments about the color, so I thought maybe you would like it too. My mom said she loved it, so I am going to make her some soon.



I got Pink Passion in the mail yesterday. Thank you for the needles Sandy. The gum was grabbed up as soon as I opened the package by my son, so thank you from him too.