I posted this on one of the threads, but no replys.

So here is the question.

When should I deliver the blankets. Should I wait for 10, 20 what. We have several, ( lots) of regular & premie in the works.

I just want the group to decide when I should donate these wonderful blankets!

Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me… as long as you take pics when you take them… :wink:

It doesn’t matter to me either. The most important thing is that they be used. They aren’t doing much good right now…just sitting there…

I would say to just do what is more convenient for you.


BTW, how many blankets do you have right now?

Don’t mind either as long as there are pictures

I don’t mind either way. Do what ever is most convenient for you. While I was working on the Dreamy Blue blanket I starting to think about the baby that would someday receive it. I wondered who he would be and what it would mean to his parents that complete strangers joined together to make something for their son. I said a prayer for them. While I was praying I really felt that the baby who needed this blanket would get it and it really wasn’t something we could control.

Please post pictures!!!

How does any blanket received before Easter go to the hospital. Then maybe either Memorial Day or Flag day. That gives us a bit more time, and it goes by a few months apart…

Sounds good to me…Can’t wait to see pics x

Whatever is convenient for you is fine by me :hug:

Sounds good to me too:p

Where do you take them? (I am sure this is posted somewhere…sorry if I have missed it) I am doing the 40 hats for 40 days of lent and was wondering if they could use the hats I make as well? The hospital here doesn’t have preemies and don’t deliver babies too often. If so, I will get your addy when I get closer to being done and send those your way as well if you don’t mind.

What a lovely gesture xx:grphug:


I believe they are taken to the Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri.

They would love the hats as well. The have premie premies, and could use any hats you wish to send. I’ll be sure and take pics of blankets & the hats!

Awesome Snowbear! I will work some up and send some to you in time for you to take at Easter. The rest I will send after and you can take them next time. Thanks!

I will also make some premie hats for you. It will be a nice change of pace for me.

Thank you for being the inspiration behind these baby blankets. I am delighted to have helped out with the process, and look forward to working on more baby blankets.

Gail M.


I only followed a great leader… Shandeh. It was her idea that I “borrowed” to start. I had some major health issues and had to bow out of the leadership, She resurrected this idea and has been the major ringmaster behind it all. She is awesome, as a leader, and as a person!

Aw, how sweet!

Actually, I’ve never really considered myself to be a leader. I’m just an organization freak. :teehee: