Oddball Blanket #3 - Back in North Carolina!

You may be aware of our Oddball Charity Blankets. So far, we have started working on two blankets for charity. We each knit 300 stitches across for 3 inches, then mail it to the next person on the list. The only expense you would be responsible for is the postage for mailing.

Some of you have said you would be interested in knitting a blanket with WOOL yarn for an international charity. Here is your chance!

If you would like to participate, please send a PM to Shandeh with your mailing address. We’ll need 25 knitters to make a full size blanket.

If I see an interest, I’ll get started casting on a new blanket in a worsted weight wool yarn.


I’m not sure, Jan. What would you recommend for charities that require natural fibers? :??

If there is ANY chance that it will be washed it should probably be washable. According to the Afghans for Afghans website washing machines are a luxury so it’s not a big deal to knit with unwashable wool. It’s crossed my mind though that if it’s washed in a stream and pounded on a rock it could still possibly felt a bit? :shrug: To be honest I don’t know, but I think washable just to be on the safe side.

Gosh, I don’t know. I don’t think it would felt in a stream, because the temperature would be constant. The sloshing around might make it felt a tiny bit, but not enough to really notice.

I kinda feel like we should just use ANY kind of wool. We just want it to be really warm.

Okay, then the only thing to consider is where you send it. If you use any yarn don’t send it where they might have washing machines or access to them.

Good plan! :thumbsup:

So, we will be knitting a blanket for someone that REALLY needs one. A person in a remote area. I think that will make this a WORTHY cause.

Hey Shandeh as always you can count on me…we maybe not always since we just met, but for any charity blanket. :teehee:

I have a ton of wool, so if someone wants to participate and needs a skein, I can send them one. Also any help you need you let me know. I’d love to knit on this, but again, if there are new people, they will take precedence.

But Shandeh, soon you are going to have to quit your job and become a charity blanket orgainzer :teehee:

Ohh, maybe an orphange?

Count me in on this one as well unless you get enough new knitters that want to join. :cheering:

I’d be interested in doing a wool blanket too! If there aren’t enough new-to-oddball-blanket knitter, of course :slight_smile:

me too! i will do it if there aren’t enough others. i really enjoyed the first one.

I’d join. I have some WotA and some Swish that I have NO clue what to do with.

Me too!! Me too!! :waving:

Unless you need room for newbies.


Thank you all for joining! :muah:

I’m SO excited to see so many blankets in progress! :slight_smile:

Here’s my temporary list for easy reference, showing those who have volunteered for this blanket so far.

Jan in CA
misha rf

I think we’ll just leave this blanket open to EVERYONE, since it involves using a nicer yarn. So you guys are DEFINITELY on the list already!

Do you all think we should knit this wool blanket in a smaller size, or should we keep it full size like the other blankets we’re making?

I think full size is good. That way more people can snuggle under it.

Oh what the hay!

Sign me up too, please? If I cant find any wool yarn that I like, can I “borrow” some from someone? Of course, to be replaced by yarn from my stash. :hug:

I added you in the earlier post, PaperGirl! :hug:

When the blanket gets going, you let me know if you need some wool. I’ve got about 4 LARGE bins FULL of all diff. kinds and colors. Think of me as a FAYS (Far Away yarn shop). :teehee:

Cool!! I vote for a full-sized blanket too, so it can be used as bedding if necessary.

I agree, i think full sized is the best idea.