Oddball Blanket #2 is Back Home in NC!

Many of you are aware of our Oddball Charity Blanket project. Each knitter knits 300 stitches for 3 inches, then mails the blanket to the next person on the list. Right now, our first blanket has just started traveling all over the nation. :cheering: When the blanket is completed, it will be given to charity.

Now, we are taking sign-ups for Oddball Blanket #2. Once again, we will need 25 knitters.

Here is our list of knitters so far for Oddball Blanket #2:
misha rf

If my math is correct, we have room for 13 more knitters, and then we’ll be ready to go on Blanket #2!!!

Two charities down, a million to go!!! :cheering:

Sandeh, I pm’ed you. I’m afraid i’m to busy right now to participate and not let anyone down. I’ve got some serious deadlines, which I won’t be able to make anyway without getting less sleep, so I’m afraid I won’t be albe to participate soon. I’ve got more time after 27 april, so I’m afraid that’ll take to long for the blanket. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to let anybody down :hug: :pout:

I’m afraid I won’t be able to participate in #2 either. As you all know I’ve got a lot of projects going on right now along with a wedding and a new nephew on the way.

But don’t forget about me on #3 or #4 depending on how fast you get them going.


Could you guys move to the end of the list so that it’s a while before it gets to you? I’d be happy to move up the list so that the blanket gets to the others later in the game if that helps them be involved…

I would be happy to move up the list on #2 as well.

Same here! I’m willing to switch! (Shandeh, if switching means I’d get the blanket before April 12th, just send it to the first address.)

Thank you all for being so cooperative! :hug:

The list at the top of this thread is NOT in order yet. It’s just a list of participants.


If those of you who have stepped out would like to step back in, just let me know! It’s EASY to put you at the end of the list. No trouble at all!

And by the way, I cast on 300 stitches last night for our blanket!
:cheering: :muah: :heart: :muah: :cheering:

Woo hoo!!! :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

So we can participate in both blankets??

I would be happy to also work on the second one. But if you have a lot of interested new participants I would also be willing to bow out so others could have chance.


Thanks Amy! :muah:

WOW Shandeh you are quick. Are you going to start another blog for #2 :teehee:

I was just wondering (I might have missed it) have you decided on a charity for the first one yet? Do you know if we are going to give the second one to a charity in a different city from the first one?

Count me in! :heart:

Count me in on this one!

I’m with NewAmy…I’m excited to be participating in the first blanket and would be happy to be involved with the second. However I’d like for other people to get the chance as well…so you can put me down as a pinch hitter!

If for some reason you can’t get 25 people signed up for this blanket toss me on the list…but then feel free to take me off so that someone new can join late. And then I can go on the emergency list in case someone has to back out…I’m tired, hope I made sense!

Wheee, can’t wait to start :cheering:

I would like to be part of blanket #2 as well.

Can I play too?
I’m pretty new to knitting and have never made a blanket, but I sure would like to try.

I was thinking about joining for #1, but got discouraged about being new etc. :oops:
I’d love to have a chance this time around…

Also someone said there’s a blog for #1. Can someone post a link? It would be great to see what you guys did on #1, for ideas…

Thanks for joining Humblestumble, AnreeAce, beckyrhae, and REVS!
Just send me a PM with your mailing address, and I’ll add you to the list!

HamaLee, I will keep you on the list, just in case! :heart:

letah75, I think that each blanket should get its own blog, don’t you?
And I haven’t yet decided which charity to give the blankets to. I think we should all make that decision together. When the blanket has progressed through a few more knitters, I think I’ll put up a poll for people to vote on the charity they would like it to go to. (I will offer about 4 options.)

Each of the blankets so far will have to end up back at my place, so I can get my knitting needles back and make a final border around the blankets. Then, if possible, we will mail it to the KH knitter who lives nearest our preferred charity to make the presentation in person. Otherwise, we will just mail it to the charity.

REVS, Here’s the offsite blog for the first blanket:

And here’s the KH thread for the other blanket.

I’ve been thinking about what some of you have said, and you’re exactly right. The ones who worked on the first blanket should let new knitters participate this time.

SO…I’m gonna wait to see who is interested first. THEN, I’ll make a list of participating knitters. We’ve just GOTTA be FAIR now, don’t we? :muah:

Right now, we have 10 new knitters signed up. Let’s see how many more new knitters we can get! :happydance:

Hey! Maybe we’ll have enough for TWO more blankets! :cheering: