Oddball Blanket #1 is Complete!


neat idea!


Thanks Doodknitwit! :slight_smile: I’ll probably end up doing this with all the large blankets. It just makes sense. :wink:

I’ll be there with my camera in hand. Maybe I’ll make a video of some knitters with it! :slight_smile:


What a GREAT idea! I think #1 is the one I already knit on, so if you do this with a different one, I’ll be sure to go visit it and knit on that one too!!!


when will you take it there?:waving:


I’ll be taking it to the shop tomorrow afternoon (Thursday).


:waving: I knitted on it yesterday!!!


Yay! :cheering:

So, how did it look?


great… it is warm and heaaaavy. the postage would cost a small fortune!!


Gosh, when I logged into kh today I didn’t realize that I haven’t been here since October! The blanket looks awesome. I can’t believe how far it has come since I had it. Great job everyone!


I picked up the blanket from Cottage Yarn, so it’s back at my house now. A few people were able to knit on it, so that’s a good thing. :thumbsup:

Now, Lestrella will be adding a section of knitting. I think our blanket will be complete soon!


I’ve added our blanket in my projects in Ravelry.
Check it out if you’re a member!


I’m just wondering what has happened to this blanket since the last post. Is it finished yet?


Hi Lucy! :waving:

It’s not finished yet, but I am concentrating on finishing up ALL our Oddball Blankets this year! :thumbsup:

Right now, I’m working on Oddball Lapghan #1, which needs a lot of work before it can be completed. I’ve completed the knitting on Oddball Lapghan #2, and will be doing the border on it soon. The lapghans are going to a rape crisis center in North Carolina.

My plan is to finish the large blankets (including #1) before cold weather comes in the fall. Wish me luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you for letting me know. I’m not really an active member here anymore, but I come in every once in awhile to check on the blanket. I was afraid I had missed something. Good luck getting all of your blankets complete. It sounds like a large project. :thumbsup:


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:
And you’re right about it being a large project. Whew! :shock:
Those blankets are SOOOO big! That’s why they couldn’t be sent through the mail anymore. The postage was just getting unreasonable.

I’m trying to start a local charity knitting group in my area. I think I’ll bring the blankets along to those, so people can knit a row or two while they are there. :wink: Every little bit will help.


That’s a great idea Sandy! I hope it works out for you!!
I was just looking at this thread and it amazes me how this is the blanket that started it all.


Thanks for the good wishes, Holly! :slight_smile:

Yeah…it’s neat reading the first post of this discussion. Back in February of 2007, it was just an idea for ONE blanket.

Our project has grown to include 5 fullsize blankets, 3 lapghans, more than 20 shawls, hundreds of baby blankets, and now we’re making pet snuggles too!

And there are knitters involved all over the United States and Canada. Way cool :thumbsup:

And I’ve also found several copycat groups all over Ravelry. I think it’s wonderful to see how much fun everyone is having knitting for charity. :woohoo:


hey can someonw messeage me if you ever start another one or theres one going around thanks


Hi racjen! :slight_smile:
We are still working on one lapghan, but it’s full of knitters.

You might want to participate in the Oddball Baby Blankets. They are much quicker to work on, and go to a great cause.

You’ll find all the different regions for the baby blanket knit-alongs in the Charity Knitting section of the forum. Just look at the group that is in your part of the country.


Ding! Ding! Ding!
Attention everyone!

Last night, I FINALLY finished knitting the last section of Oddball Blanket #1, the blanket that started our Oddball Knitting project!
:cheering: :woohoo: :cheering:

I felt tingles and chills all over as I was binding off the last stitch. I can’t believe that after 5 years, our blanket is finally complete! cloud9
Of course, it could have been finished a lot sooner, but life got in the way of my knitting to complete the last few sections.

Now, I just have to weave in all the loose ends of yarn. Then, I’ll check the whole blanket for any holes or other problems. Next, it will be gently washed and dried. Then, I’ll donate the blanket to charity.

I’m thinking of taking it to Habitat for Humanity, to see if they are interested in it. I don’t want it to just be sold in their store. I want it to be given to a family who is moving into one of their homes.

If they can’t do that, I’ll mail the blanket to the Yurok tribe in California. They really appreciated our Blanket #5. The other option is to give it to Project Linus, for a teenager to use.

Any input from the rest of you, on where it should be donated?