Oddball Blanket #1 is Complete!


Cristy, how are things going with the blanket?


:cheering: Hi guys!

The blanket is going well; I have a few pictures to share but am at my mom’s house right now doing the Thanksgiving thing so I haven’t been able to post them! My two weeks are up tomorrow and I’m right on track to mail tomorrow or first thing Sat. morning. I’ve had so much fun with the blanket but had to “detour” in the middle; my husband and I went to NY for an anniversary trip but we returned yesterday and I was able to get a lot done on the blanket today!

Are you ready Misha? I’ve emailed Shandeh for the next address…



Yay! Good job, Cristy. :thumbsup:

I just sent a message to the next knitter to see if they are ready. I’ll let you know.


I can’t wait til it gets here!!! :woot:


I haven’t had a chance to post pics to the thread to show off the blanket so I wanted to take a moment to do so…The blanket is finally on it’s way to Misha–I had intended to mail it a couple of days eariler but my ENTIRE family came down with a nasty stomach bug and I’m just getting back to holding down food so all is well now.

Holly sent me a great little gift inside of the blanket box…look below at the attachments to see what I’ve been enjoying for the past two weeks…my husband and children are also happy that I received Holly’s yummy little treat!!! Thanks HOLLY!!!

The other picture is the blanket–I did a basketweave pattern for about 2 inches. I really wanted to do a 3rd “row” of the pattern but since I had the blanket over Thanksgiving and my trip away for my anniversary, I found my time to be cut short by family visits and traveling! I was scared to take the blanket on my trip even thought I would have loved to knit on the plane–I had horrible thoughts of leaving it on the subway in new york…:)\

Anyway–the blanket looks great so far and I’m so proud to have been part of the 1st oddball blanket!!! I can’t wait to see what Misha has to add–and of course, the final product!!!


It looks lovely!! I can’t wait to see it! Now I’ve got to go through my stash to see what color will work best with what you’ve done. Or use it as an excuse to buy more yarn. :rofl:

I like your treat! We’ve got that in our pantry. It’s soooo yummy!

Glad you’re feeling better!!!:hug:


I’m glad you’re getting better! :hug:

The blanket looks great!


Looks great Cristy! I can’t believe it is almost done. Where has all the time gone?
I hope you guys are feeling better soon. I’m glad you all are enjoying the hot chocolate!


Yep, feeling better now and excited about seeing it completed. The hot chocolate has become my new favorite evening treat!


It’s here!!! :woohoo:

It’s soooooo pretty!!

Cristy, thank you so much for the stitch markers–they are gorgeous!! :inlove:

I made myself wait to open the box until I’d showered & removed all traces of wolfdog. :teehee: I made my husband come out for the unveiling. We put it on the dining room table, and almost immediately, our pastel tortie b*tch cat jumped up on it! She was promtply removed–no damage done, thank goodness. The Husband grabbed her quickly–he knew she’d be a dead kitty if anything happened to the blanket! :rofl:

I’ll post pics when I’m done with my section.


Yay! I love your story about the blanket! :hug:


What is it about that blanket that draws animals to it? I had the worst time keeping my cats away from it!! All of the unwoven end were driving them crazy!


So, I started knitting on the blanket today. It’s actually made a couple of trips out to find yarn, b/c I didn’t have anything I liked in my stash. I settled on Classic Worsted Tapestry by Universal Yarn, Inc., purchased at Charlotte’s Fibers. Astrid helped me pick it out–we had the blanket on the floor and were pulling different yarns out and putting it on them to decide. (I don’t think it’ll pattern like it would if you were working on a smaller project, but it’s still pretty, and it goes well with the colors nearby.)

Anyway, I chose the Parallelograms II pattern. I’m up to row 8, and as I’m looking at it, I wasn’t sure that the pattern was working. You know, like maybe something was off somewhere, b/c I wasn’t seeing the pattern. The Husband was in the room while I was fussing over it, and then I murmured the quote from Ingrid’s signature block–“Trust the pattern.” At that point, I looked at it upside down, saw that it WAS working, and said so.

My darling husband, being the total smart*** that he is, immediately said, “Trust the pattern!” (Because, you know he knows ALL about knitting patterns!)

He’s still breathing. And no, there aren’t any needles sticking out of him. Yet. :rofl:




Misha, you’ve made my day :roflhard:


Always glad to help!! :rofl:

I’ve actually frogged & chosen a different stitch. I was having tension issues with the one I originally chose, and I wasn’t happy with it. I chose bamboo stitch, and I’m much happier with it now. If I can get some quiet time tonight & tomorrow, I may finish by the weekend!


Can’t wait to see it! That’s a great stitch pattern.


I would have finished it last night, but I lost some time on Friday while working on it. My husband distracted me and I made a mistake, which I didn’t catch for a while. Had to tink. :frog: And cuss. :rofl:

I’m going to K the next two rows (I did the same at the beginning), put in a lifeline, hit it with a little Febreeze and air it out a bit. I’ll have to do it in our closet, b/c it’s the only space safe from the cats. :teehee: It should be ready to mail by Wed. or Thurs!

Speaking of cats, the same one is being a total pain with this blanket. By and large, my cats ignore my knitting. Autumn decided that she needed to personally supervise a fair amount of this project–including trying to eat the working yarn!! My husband has gotten good about removing her. I’m guessing there must be some certain scent in there that attracts her (yet doesn’t attract the others).


We have a catnip blanket! :teehee:

I’ll check with the next knitter to see if they’re ready. :thumbsup:


What a pretty looking stitch, Misha.