Oddball Blanket #1 is Complete!


I think the blanket is due for some red. :heart:


I was kind of thinking the same thing.I really like the autumn red Simply Soft. Anyone else have an opinion?


Ooh I just started a project in Simply Soft and I LOVE it. Like serious, serious love :inlove:. I’ve worked with many nice wools but I can’t wear them next to my skin and the Simply Soft is just sooooooo smushy and nice. So I vote for that! :thumbsup:

Update on the afghan length: I have some strange measuring-tape deficiencies, but I’m getting a length between 50 and 52 inches depending on how I hold it.

I’m packing things up and HollyP I hope to have it in the mail to you by lunchtime tomorrow.


Hammalee- Your section looks beautiful!!! :inlove:


I love being agreed with! All day I was watching my 3 yr old godson whose favorite sentence is no. I will not!
I got the delivery confirmation and will start stalking my mailman early next week. He is going to think I have a serious crush on him.:teehee: I have been stalking him for weeks now first for the swap, then for some yarn my SIL sent me, now the blanket and some sock yarn from HelloKitty.


I just got a call while in between classes and the blanket has arrived at my house! :happydance:I’ll post more later, just wanted to ease everyone’s minds about the shipping.




Yippee! :yay:


Our blanket is all grown up. :cry:


It looks great!! All of you are very talented.


SO true!! We only have 4 knitters left! :cheering:


Good job everyone !!! though i am not in this one but i will continue to cheer you on !!! :woohoo: :hug: :muah: :heart: :thumbsup: :woot: :cheering: :happydance: :yay: :waving: :blooby: :sun: :balloons:


I am almost done with my section. I actually finished last night then noticed a mistake a few rows back that I want to fix before I send it on. I should be done tonight! I hope the next knitter is ready! I’ll post pics once my mistake is gone!


me me…I’m ready! :cheering: :woot:


From an OBCB #2 knitter to you all, you’ve all have done wonderful work so far, keep it up! :hug:


HollyP I got your card, I’m glad you liked the yarn! :heart:
Can’t wait to see pics.


And I’m after Cristy!! It’s almost finally to me!! :woohoo:


Hey everyone! I am so sorry for the delay on sending the blanket. I have been so sick since the beginning of the week. I am finally feeling better today and realized tomorrow will be the end of my 2 weeks. I had no intention of keeping it this long! I did finish the blanket and will be sending it on to Cristy first thing tomorrow. As promised here are the pictures! I use Caron Simply Soft in Autumn Red. My stitch pattern was from the 365 stitches calender and is called Loop Pattern from Dec 14th. The second picture was taken on my queen sized bed to show the length of it. I have had so much fun knitting this. Whoever gets this will be a very lucky person!


Poor Holly! :pout: I’m sorry you’ve been sick, my friend.
You did a fine job with the blanket. Thanks so much!


I just checked the delivery confirmation and it says it was delivered this afternoon! I can’t wait to see what Cristy does with it!! I am sure it will be great.