Oddball Blanket #1 is Complete!


i think it’s an 8… and i was voting yellow too :teehee:


Yay!!! Yellow is one of my FAVORITE colors! :cheering:

And I think the needle is a size 8, but I could be wrong.
All these oddball projects are swimming around in my head, getting mixed up. :teehee:


can I just say I am SOOOO excited that this blanket is close to me…I am hoping to have touched it by the end of Nov…is that unreasonable???

About how long is it averaging at each person’s house?


Cristy, I’m so glad you’re excited! :slight_smile:

Each knitter gets two weeks with the blanket.


yes, but are they taking all two weeks?!??!

[SIZE=9][SIZE=4][I][SIZE=2]Cristy excitedly takes out the calculator and calendar…[/SIZE][/I][/SIZE][/SIZE]


I actually liked the salmon with that darker green, but yellow may be good too. I thought the needles were big- like a 10.

I’m glad to see the blanket again.

Christy- I was done in a week, but then had to wait for mailing info.


Exactly. And some people have kept the blanket longer than planned. ([SIZE=1]A few people kept it a month.[/SIZE] :help:)

Here’s the process:
The blanket is mailed to the next knitter, with a delivery confirmation number sent to the recipient. Sometimes the package is sent quickly…other times it gets held up in the mail.

When the next knitter receives the blanket, they knit their part, then they contact me to get the next knitter’s info.

I then contact the following knitter to see if they are ready for the blanket. Sometimes, they respond immediately. Other times, they respond the next day, or two days later, or not at all. I usually only wait two days for their response.

If they don’t respond, I move on to the knitter after them, and wait for THEM to respond to say they are ready.

Usually the next knitter is ready, because most of us are excited about the project.

When I get a knitter that is ready to go, I contact the person with the blanket, and give them the mailing info.

Then, it’s up to the person with the blanket to get it to the post office and mail it off.

It would be nice if things went quicker, but everyone is living their lives and dealing with their own issues. It’s not a perfect world. :shrug:


I starrrrrted tonight!:woohoo:
I went with the yellow and I’ve got a few rows done (wow 300 stitches is a LOT).

Tomorrow is my self-imposed last chance to decide if I want to stick with this stitch pattern or not. If it’s a go I’ll tell ya what it is :eyebrow:. I hope to get the bulk of my section done this weekend. :thumbsup:


Thank you, Hama Lee! :hug:
You’re FAST! :thumbsup:


Ok! Here’s a progress pic, to whet your appetites.

I actually ended up having to rip out what I’d accomplished the other night, b/c I felt like the stitch pattern needed more structure. So this is what I ended up with: It’s the Trinity stitch pattern, broken up by 4 stitch columns of stockinette. So it works out to 4 bobbles, then 4 stitches stockinette, 4 bobbles, 4 stockinette, etc. And both ends have a 2 stitch garter “border.” It makes a nice frame for the bobbles/lacy feel of the patter. I think it looks nice so far. And oh yeah, and 3 (or was it 4?) rows garter at the beginning of my section and I’ll end with 3 rows garter for symmetry and so the next person is knitting from clean, basic knit stitches. Yay.

Here’s a not so great pic, I really wish my camera could do clearer close ups. I’d say I’m about halfway done.


Very nice! I love how careful you are with your knitting!


That looks great and is creative too.


Looking good HamaLee!!:yay:


So close!

I’d estimate that I have one more pattern row and then my garter top border and I’ll be done! I want to take it somewhere to get decent pictures, maybe at my volunteer office…lots of light and layout space there. :thumbsup:

I go out on a limb and say I’ll be ready to mail by Friday–which leaves me time to get paid :teehee:, photographed, and bundled up! Yay:woot:I’ll make sure to post pics and email Sandy when I’m ready!


Good work, HamaLee! :thumbsup:


My section is done! It looks nice with the whole blanket (which is huge!) I put the blanked on my 60inch Options cables and it was still a bit scrunched. It’s going to be great when it’s finished and will easily cover a bed. It was really nice to be knitting with the rest of it warming up my lap.

Here are some finished pics:

And a close up:

The color is off here, but I think you can see the bobbles better:


All I can say is WOW!

Our blanket is GORGEOUS!!! And I LOVE your stitch design!

HamaLee, would you please do us a favor, and let us know how long the blanket is now?

I need to do a final evaluation on how many more knitters should be working on it.


Sure, I’ll measure it tonight. It doesn’t cover my whole bed yet and my mattress is a standard full size.


Hey oddball knitters! I just found out I am getting the blanket next:woohoo: so I thought I would ask for your opinions. What color should I do? I have a couple of ideas for what stitch pattern I want to do but no ideas on color(s). Any thoughts?


ohhh, beeeeeeautiful!!!