Oddball Blanket #1 is Complete!


SKILL, girl…SKILL :teehee:


I have completed my portion of the blanket. Seems like an awful quick trip to Oregon. I did take it to my co-worker’s house last Sunday, but we were the only 2 knitters there. She loved it and thought it was amazing that I was part of such a unique project.

I did a striped slip stitch pattern. I hope the blanket doesn’t look too busy. It is very light sage green and a tweedy purple.

This is a really fun project and my only regret is not being able to see the finished blanket in person.

I will get the blanket all packed up today and ready to send when I have the mailing information.


:passedout: beautiful!


I :heart:love:heart: it! Great job NewAmy!:thumbsup:


I wanna keep it for myself! :waah:


I finally have mjscott’s mailing info and am shipping the blanket to her tomorrow. So it’s on the move again.


Woo Hoo! We’re on the MOVE!


I just heard from mjscott. Our blanket has arrived safely!!


mjscott just finished working on the blanket, and is ready to send it to the next knitter! Yippee! :happydance:


Wow, we have a bunch of fast knitters out there! :x:


I know! It’s WONDERFUL! cloud9


I can’t wait…I’m bursting with excitment over here.:aww:


Only 4 more people and it gets to me!!!:woot: It looks great everyone!



The blanket has officially arrived in Massachusetts! :woohoo::woot::yay:

I haven’t even had time to open it up, except to check and make sure all is safe and sound (which it is). I have a busy night, but I promise to take pictures before bed and I’ll post them at work tomorrow. Maybe you all can help me choose some yarn.:mrgreen:


:woot:Soo glad it made it there safe!


It did and really folks, the pictures don’t do it justice. It’s just beautiful in person, really lovely.

And [B]mjscott[/B] thank you so much for the lovely goodies. Here’s a pic with the traveling journal.

There’s some Caron Simply Soft in a nice bone color (I’m super excited about that…I’ve been toying with making a sweater with this yarn for ages but I’ve never used it before. Now I can play!). Also some Peaches’n’Creme and a very fun stripey colorway. And then some LionBran Microspun in a perfect Halloween orange (so soft!). I love Microspun colors so much.

I pulled out some stash and laid it near the top of the blanket, I hope you can help me decide.

So there’s a light purple, a dark purple and a salmony color that go nicely with what’s been happening at the top of the blanket. But I’m hesitant to use more purple since there’s so much of it already.

Then there’s a couple blue options: (starting from the right) the lighter blue which is a dark baby blue, a variegated colorway that has blue, pinks, and purples, and then another variegated blues yarn (reminds me of denim).

Then of course there’s the yellow, but it doesn’t quite match the sunny Florida yellow. And there’s also some RedHeart “fleck” as well…but I don’t know if it’ll look dingy compared to the rest of the blanket.

Here’s another pic farther away with the yarn:

WHat do you all think?


I like the yellow, because I think the blanket needs some “brightening up”.


I like the yellow and the ball of blues and pinks directly to its right. Both are lovely with the blanket.
What stitch pattern are you doing? I can’t wait to see.


I think it’s due for some yellow at the top, too! :thumbsup:


Yellow it is! It’s a nice cheerful yellow, I’ll play with a brief swatch to make sure it’s a matching gauge. It looks like worsted to me, but it’s a bag of mill end…so there’s no way to tell.

Here’s a silly question…what size are those needles traveling with the blanket? I don’t think my knitpicks needle sizer is telling the truth.