Oddball Blanket #1 is Complete!


Grandma is doing as well as can be expected. She is 93 years old, still spry! She was on a European cruise and fell in the shower and broke two vertebra in her neck. She had to fly from Europe (after seeing a doctor) to Georgia and stay with family friends for a little while, then she flew down to the Bay Area.

she lives on her own, and refuses to stay with my parents or anyone else. She lives 1 hour from my parents and 3 hours from me. Mom’s been going down daily to help her out, but mom has a life, so I’ve been trying to help as I can by going down when possible.

Grandma finally agreed to let someone (aunt) stay with her…for right now. Because she’s so old, the bones are knitting as fast as they would with someone younger, but she seems to be healing as well as (if not a little better ) any other 93 year old.

Thanks for the understanding. I’ve been stressing out a bit, because I haven’t had the time to get it out. Been feeling a little guilty because it’s one of my pending responsibilities. But I had to take care of family and work first…but by the time I get to blanket #3, everything will have slowed down A LOT! (here’s hoping :))


I’m next. So I will send you a PM with my info.

Sorry you have been so busy. I would be a basket case with just that work schedule alone.

You did two colors??? Rats. I don’t know if two colors would look good right next to two colors. I was considering a light sage green I have on hand with some shade of lavendar or purple. Maybe if I could match the purple… I’ll have to study the blanket and come up with something.:think:


Goodness, Letah! That is a LOT on your plate!!! I hope your grandma gets well soon!


Thank you all for handling the communication about the blanket today.

I was out of town, playing organ for a wedding rehearsal.
So glad everything is worked out! :sun:
Letah, I’m praying for your Grandma. :pray:


Here are some pictures. The quality of the pictures is not great as I had to take them in my office, so the lighting suck. But you’ll get the idea.

The Whole Blanket :

My Section:

With a little more light:

The back of my section:

I did a simple slip stitch pattern:

With Color A: K1, S1 purlwise, K last two stitches (Carry yarn on right side of work when slipping stitches)
With Color A: P1, S1, P last two stitches
With Color B: K1, S1 purlwise, K last two stitches (Carry yarn on right side of work when slipping stitches)
With Color B: P1, S1, P last two stitches

Hope ya’ll like it. If you want to see the photos a little bigger you can click here

Oh, and I wanted to post the tracking number so that all interested can track the package through USPS. :slight_smile:

I mailed it this morning, I got out of work too late yesterday. But I PROMISE, it is in the mail!!!

0304 3490 0000 2329 7923
Mailed Priority shipping, estimated arrival 2-3 days.


I love it! :cheering:

Way to go, getting that done with craziness at home.


Letah, looks so pretty.

Ladies, for OBCB #1 looks absolutely amazing, great work to everyone.



The Blanket Arrived. It is beautiful and amazing to see. I can’t wait to get started on it this evening.

And Letah sent the most wonderful things: A candle, Mustard!, a Chico bag. And three skeins of yarn: Knit Picks Alapaca Cloud in a lovely soft blue, Patons Grace in red, and what appears to be hand died wool of an unknown maker, lovely colors. I could not beleive how much she sent. Thank you Letah!!:hug:

Anyway, I will keep you all posted on the progress. My co-workers might have a knitting get together on Sunday and if we do I will be showing them this lovely blanket.


For any curious the wool yarn is from foxmoda who sells on ebay. here is a link to her store if anyone is interested.


What a wonderful yarn package! :inlove:

The blanket has been a wonderful thing for all of us, hasn’t it? :hug:

And I really enjoyed hearing newamy’s voice on my phone last night! :slight_smile: (I like your accent too!)


(I like your accent too!)

Well, your voice on your message rather startled me…you don’t write with an accent!


it’s so beautiful! letah- pretty yarns you sent! and i love your section… is it grey and pink or lavender? pretty pretty


It’s actually gray and lavender, but next to the other colors it looks pinkish. So your kinda right on both accounts :woohoo:

I’m glad you liked it. That makes me happy!


Funny, that! :teehee:

I never thought I HAD an accent, until I travelled up north for a couple business trips. Everyone kept asking me to say things over and over again. :roll:

I talk a lot in this video, so you can judge for yourselves.



Letah, I love your section. It looks so pretty! I can’t wait ot see the blanket in person. I am sure the pictures aren’t doing it any justice!

Shandeh, I don’t think you have an accent at all. I grew up in VA!:teehee: If you really want to hear an accent you should hear my Bro’s FIL . Every time I talk to him it takes me a few minutes to translate. Forget about it if he is really excited! He’s from Southern WV. My SIL also has an accent but it is not as strong, she grew up in SW VA.


I’m with you, Holly! I don’t think I have an accent either, because I’ve seen PLENTY of people in the South that DO!

When I went to college, I met a girl who had a REALLY BAD southern accent. I was thinking, “OMG! Do you KNOW how bad that sounds?!”

I’m really particular about how I say things. In fact, I used to be a voice teacher. Diction has always been important to me. In fact, I think that’s part of what made me fall in love with my hubby. He has a beautiful speaking voice. :heart:

But, I don’t mind it if people say they like my accent. I consider a compliment. :hug:


Oh Sandy, you have an accent. It isn’t terribly thick or heavy, it’s rather delicate and appealing. But it still reminds me of ice tea on a shady porch.


Yeah, we wear hoop skirts and bonnets and shade ourselves with parasols at all the family reunions. ok, seriously, our mom sent me a video a few days ago. She pronounced siren as si-rene. I’ve watched it and laughed about it several times. My SO thinks I’ve gone completely around the bend.

edit: Sandy, how do you raise the ring finger so high?! Both of mine are so crooked that I cannot lift them more than a half inch. :pout:




Well, I DO declare! :teehee:

I’m glad you like the accent, my friend. :hug:

When I was in my twenties, I was doing a presentation for a group of doctors at a conference. When the conference was over, they filled out an evaluation form. Several of them commented on my accent. One of them said, “I could listen to that accent all day.” :roflhard: