Oddball Blanket #1 is Complete!


It looks like he’s thinking, “OK, I’ll jump along with the rest of you, but I AIN’T gonna like it!” :roflhard:


LOL Sandy.

I saw the humour and stared at his face and to me it was along the lines of:

Must I? Must I honestly bounce in time with these total buffoons? All right. To get this over with I shall but I shall not like it. Bounce. Whoo. Hoo. Freakin bounce.






:roflhard: grinz


Where do you find all you smilies Shandeh??

They are so cute!


I get a lot of them at Best Smileys

I find the others by doing a search on Google for “emoticons” or “smilies”


shandeh- always at least one party pooper! :rofl:


Yeah, but at least he’s still jumping with the rest of them. He just doesn’t like it. :teehee:


Okay, I’m posting at what I perceive to be the end of the thread because I have a terrible time finding messages on branches in the middle. I am hopeful other’s will follow suit.

But anyway, I have been mulling over my portion of blanket knitting and have a question. I was wondering if anyone would mind if I did a slip stitch pattern that involved stripes, alternating 2 colors. It will not thicken the the fabric, it is based on garter stitch. It looks like nice narrow stripes on the on the “plain” back and the slip stitches add an interesting, yet simple design. I’m mainly asking because no one else has added 2 colors at once to their section. The pattern can be done in one color but looks more interesting in 2. If there are no objections that’s what I’m planning on.


i think it would look great! i was going to do something with words, charted, in a different color, but couldn’t due to the time constraint… oh, and my lack of chart readin’ skillz :rofl:


I don’t see a problem with it myself. Just make sure it’s done on the RS. :wink:


Good plan! :thumbsup:


Go for it!! I was also thinking of possibly do more than one color. I think every section being different is what makes the blankets as beautiful as they are.

Jeanie I am glad to see I am not the only who lacks chart readin’ skillz!! :teehee:


oh yeah… i got no chart readin’ skillz…:lol:
i totaly ‘get’ the idea. even understand it a bit. but i always want to start at the top and read it like … well, like reading :slight_smile: so mabey in the future i’ll figure it out. right now though, i can see me starting out right, loosing my place and starting back upside down


letah75, how are things going with the blanket?




I’ve seen her post so I know she’s here…she’s just forgetting to check here. Go poke her, Sandy. :teehee:


sorry for the late reply! Been working 70+ again and it’s been SUPER crazy on top of the hours…my probation kids are out of their minds lately! I’ve been teaching CPR/First Aid (volunteer) for the Red Cross, had some family issues out of town that I had to deal with on the weekends (grandma broke her neck a few months ago, and have to go check on her, etc), and had some car trouble on top of it all. :hair: Luckly it looks as though things are going to slow down at work only 55 hours next week, aunt is coming into town to stay with grandma, and I only have 1 CPR class to teach next week. Was able to borrow a car from the parents until mine gets fixed and BF is back home so I have someone to vent to! :woot:

I’ve got my part of the blanket ready to go, but there is no way I’ll be able to make it to the post office until Monday. But Monday I’ll get the package out…priority mail, tracking and all!

Send me the name of the next person, and I’ll get it out by noon, August 27th.

Really sorry for the delay, life got in the way of e-mailing and computer time.

So I just read all of the above posts, and funny enough, I did my section in two colors! :yay:

I’ll get a picture up, probably not until Sat. night or Sun. afternoon…Gotta work until LATE tonght and all day tomorrow! I used Caron Simply Soft, steel grey and lilac. I really like it, hope you all do too.

Again, can’t say how sorry I am for hte delay. I got the blanket on the 9th so it’s only gonna go out 4 days late :out:


Oh no! I hope your grandma is okay! 70 hour work weeks are no fun either. Don’t worry about being late, stuff happens! We were all just wondering. :hug: