Oddball Blanket #1 is Complete!


True. I haven’t heard back from letah75 yet. I’ll check one more time.




Sadly, two of our Oddball Blankets have been eaten by the post office. :pout:

The first one was sent to the Netherlands, but never made it back. (She was the 2nd knitter, so the blanket had not really grown that much.)

The second one lost was our 4th blanket. This one had 5 knitted portions, so it wasn’t big yet, but still some time had been invested in it.

So, I guess [B][U]we should each mail our packages First Class or Priority Mail[/U][/B], so we can [B][U]add 65 cents for Delivery Confirmation[/U][/B]. That will help a bit with keeping tabs on the blankets. Plus, we will be able to search for them in the postal system that way.

If you use a [COLOR=#e88787]Priority Mail[/COLOR] Flat Rate Box, the rates are not that bad.

You can also write “HANDLE WITH CARE” on the package, if you want.


They probably will show up eventually so I wouldn’t consider them a loss yet. We had a box of checks just show up after two weeks and the box was mangled. No telling what happened, but at least they are here.

Mailing priority is a good idea.


I hope they show up. It’s been over a month for both packages, so we’ve waited a LONG TIME. :shock:


I haven’t seen Letah around too much on the boards lately. Maybe she’s on a vacation? How long will you wait to hear? And if you don’t hear will you skip to me? We can alway send it to her later.


One good thing is…I am not sure how she shipped it from the Netherlands to the US but if it was Economy (Surface) Letter Post, it can take 4-6 weeks or more. I have done a lot of international shipping and the last time I mailed a package using the above method through USPS, it didn’t get from Washington State to the United Kingdom for 8 weeks. Other times it can take less than the 4 weeks. I am being positive that the blankets will turn up and then we will just have more blankets to give to charity.


I heard from Letah today. She’s been a busy girl lately!
The blanket is being mailed to her now. :wink:

Well, when I mailed it to the Netherlands, it got there in 10 days. (Mailed 5-25, received 6-4)

SimplyKaar finished her knitting on June 10th, and mailed it to me. Then, it came back to her on June 26th in a damaged box, with some of the contents missing.

She said that she was mailing it again in a smaller package, but I never heard from her again. So, we waited until July 19th. Then, we started a new one.

If the original blanket shows up, we’ll continue knitting it. I hope it does, because I want SimplyKaar to be included in our project, and I want my knitting needles back! :pout:


i hope it does show back up! i was really excited to see it. well, at least there are enough of us to get a new started :slight_smile:


I heard from Letah today. She’s been a busy girl lately!
The blanket is being mailed to her now. :wink:

Oh good. I wasn’t ready yet!

Speaking of which the blanket is 300 stitches wide? Wanting to know so I can plan a stich pattern.


Yes…300 stitches.

But be sure to knit all the stitches of your first row, and count them as you go, just to make sure. :wink:
(Someone could have added or lost a stitch by mistake.)


Going to the post office now to send the blanket to Letah75.
I had a couple more rows to go when I took this picture. Here’s how it looked.
I just did garter stitch, because I’m not that fast. But, I really like the green next to Zip’s teal blue.


Jille, I [B]LOVE[/B] it! :heart: It does look great next to the teal. I like the garter sections among the various stitches, btw. They keep the blanket from looking too busy.

I am so geekily into watching the progression as each of us adds her contribution. I’m already pondering my prediction of what color Letah will add. :rofl: Maybe I’ll start an odds game on the oddball blankets.

[SIZE=1]ok, I either need a second Friday after-work drink or a nap.[/SIZE]


Very pretty!! :cheering:



It’s getting so big!!

:pray: Mr./Ms. Postal worker, please take care of our blanket!!!


I wanted to let everyone know that Mr. Postman did in fact keep the blanket safe!!! I got it last night, at about 7pm. I had just enough time to open it and read the entry’s in the book!

Everyone who has knitted on it so far seem like such wonderful people! I’m honored to be included in such a beautiful project with such great knitters!!!

I haven’t taken the blanket out yet, I will do that tonight, and ponder my color choice. If Little Jr. were here, I’d let him choose a color, but since he’s with his mom this week I will have to do my best.

I did get a absolutely beautiful skein of yarn, that is soft and luscious, I am in love. I also got some chocolate! Yum.


Yay! I feel like we should have a mini celebration whenever our blanket makes it safely through the mail!




Don’t ya just LOVE that last guy on the right, that does NOT smile? :teehee:



He is my favorite!! :teehee: