Oddball Blanket #1 is Complete!


I noticed it smelled funky, but wasn’t sure what to do about it. Febreze works great, but I don’t know about people who have scent allergies. Maybe let it air out outdoors? Not like we are going to get any rain anytime soon. :roll: :teehee:


True Jan! Unfortunately rain isn’t in the forecast.:teehee: I’m also thinking that putting it in a plastic bad isn’t the best for it. What about wrapping it in white tissue paper. That way when its mailed it will breath.


Good ideas! :thumbsup:

Air out that puppy, and let it breathe!

It’s getting too big for that plastic bag anyway. :wink:


Jille, I didn’t notice that it smelled bad. In fact, I thought it smelled really nice when I received it from Kathy. :???: That causes me to think that the incense scent came from my handling it. I was so careful with it, always washed my hands and applied lotion before I’d sit down to work on it. The lotion is a woodsy scent. But if Jan noticed funky as well, then I dunno… Regardless, Sandy said in the beginning that she’d wash it after she’s finished it completely.

Re the plastic bag, it’s primarily for protection against other items in the box and packing materials, plus the possibility that the box becomes destroyed during transit. Tissue paper wouldn’t protect it from any of that. Anything else (butcher or parchment paper, a Tyvek envelope) would probably have to be replaced by each knitter.

That’s my take on it anyway… I considered dropping a cedar sachet in the bag, but decided that it might irritate someone’s sensibilities.


It’s a tall kitchen bag, so it fits fine. But whatever you think.


Well, I’ll leave it up to you ladies. If you want, you can air it out now, knit your portion, then wrap it in tissue, and put everything in the plastic bag just before it’s mailed. That will protect it from the weather or melted chocolate.

But, I will be washing it when it’s finished, so it will be ready for donation. :thumbsup:


OK. I appreciate the input!:hug:
I’m sure washing it at the end will take care of any odors. I will just let it breath outside (I like knitting on my patio).

Zip, I don’t think the incense smell came from you. I think its just the fact that it was bagged up for awhile when I went on my trip.

All will be fine. Fresh air and washing it by Sandy when its finished should do the trick. :cheering:

I will send it in the bag to protect it, when I’m done.

Have I mentioned its totally awesome. I’m 1/3 done with my part!:woot:


I can’t wait to see your section! Apple green. :heart:
[SIZE=1]How do I become a charity who’s eligible for blanket contributions?[/SIZE] :shifty:


It was really more of a musty smell…and to my nose smelled faintly of cigarette smoke. :ick: I think airing it out will help.



Yeah…smoking and pets are mixed all through with the first 4 blankets. I didn’t start sorting people until Blanket #5.

The good thing is…it will all come out in the wash. :slight_smile:

The only thing I have to figure out, is how to get the wool blanket clean. I guess I could pay to have it dry-cleaned. Or I could try using one of those “home dry-clean” kits in the dryer.


You could sprinkle it with baking soda while it is laying in the sun. Then you can just shake the soda out. I did this on musty smelling car mats and it worked great. I had previously tried just airing them but they didn’t get nearly as fresh as they did w/ the baking soda.
Just my $.02!


Thanks Holly!

I’ll try that. But, if I see any stains, I’ll have to dry clean it. I don’t want to donate a dirty blanket. :teehee:


I’m not knitting on this blanket, but I just have to say it looks beautiful! You guys are doing a great job. The person who gets this blanket is going to be very lucky!


Dry clean it? Why don’t you toss it in the washer and dryer? OB1 is acrylic… :??


I doubt that it would fit in my washer and dryer… then again maybe mine is small because I live in a dorm.:shrug:


I was referring to the wool blanket #3. :wink:

We were discussing how I was going to get all the blankets clean. I’ll be washing all the others, but the wool one is going to be the most work. :???:


I have a big washer so it would probably fit, but it’s a big afghan.

Ahh…I thought you were talking about OB1 since it was in this thread. Sorry 'bout that. :doh::teehee:


No problem, my friend. :hug:

Thanks for checking on me. :slight_smile:


Jille, how goes it?


I finished on Sunday. Have not had a reply back on where it should be sent?:sad: