Odd Size Results w/ Tempting Sweater

Well, I’ve finished the infamous “Tempting” sweater. The gauge was comparable, and I followed the instructions to the letter.

However, while the body fits great, the yoke is ridiculously large and bunches up when I run the ribbon through.

Right now, I’m blocking it using the spray and pin method, [I used Wool-Ease yarn], to see if the stitches will tighten up.

This is really discouraging.

Could this be related to the way I bound off? There weren’t any special instructions in the pattern, so I just did a Basic Knit Bind-off.

Any suggestions on what I can do? Or is it a lost cause?

Hi Tessa–that’s too bad it doesn’t fit well. I made one and it seems fine–does the body of the sweater fit ok? It is supposed to be worn very off the shoulder, so I don’t tighten the ribbon much while wearing it. It took some getting used to–I felt like it was going to fall off for a while, but of course it didn’t! Maybe you just have very small shoulders? :smiley:

I have read somewhere of people doing some decreases towards the top of the sweater before binding off so it could be worn up a little higher and be a little tighter. I’m not sure you’d want to undo it all and try that though.

Yes, I think it could be related the Basic Knit BO you used. Since the pattern is ribbed I would have done a K2, P2 bind off. Amy has video of K1, P1 BO here (third one from the bottom). It will give you an idea on K2, P2 BO.

So I would frog the bo and try it in K2 P2.

Hope that helps!