Odd sign seen on vacation

So I took a picture of this sign because it was TOO funny! Found it in Cedar City, Utah.

My BF’s comment upon seeing the picture was…so if the cops are chasing you and you take all of the flags, do they have to wait for someone to bring them a flag before they can continue to chase you?

My co-worker’s comment was…Man, I would be scared of accidentally landing a plane!

:?? So if there are 3 flags and you are in a group of 4, does that mean you have to wait for someone else from the other side to bring the flag back?:??

And here are a few just pretty pictures:

:?? Do the flags themselves say something like “stop” or “slow” or “I’m with Stupid” ? :???: Are they to slow down traffic? :think: Alert cars that there is a pedestrian in the crosswalk? :shrug:Does a marching band suddenly appear and escort your to the other side? :teehee: Gosh, I’m so confuzzled! :zombie:

Lovely photos BTW

I think it’s like those brain teasers. If there are 3 flags and 4 people how do you get them all across the street and all 3 flags back in the original receptacle if you can only take two people across at a time, and you can only cross the street 3 times…:teehee:

I wanted to know if you had to march like a majorette when crossing. I personally like the reflectors on the flags.

Don’t think I want to cross that street if you have to carry a flag with you
The other pics are beautiful.Hope you had a wonderful vacation

we have those here: they are supposed to catch the eye of motorists so they won’t run you over. but people keep stealing the flags.

How bad can that street be for pedestrians if they have to do that!!! Holy cow! :passedout: “Carry this red flag, wave it and run like hell!”:roflhard:

Hehehe, that is amusing! I’ve never seen anything like that before…

You know I thought that too, but it’s a 25 MPH zone, in a one hour period I only saw 4 cars pass, and it’s a 4 mile straight stretch of road!


good thing the flags aren’t white…

So, if you are jaywalking, and the cop doesn’t see you until you are done crossing the street, do you still get a ticket???

“Our drivers are so bad that they can’t see a grown person walking across the street, but they can somehow see this two foot square flag.”


Speaking of odd signs seen on vacation, I caught this gem on the way back from Milwaukee this weekend. Draw your own conclusions. :teehee:

We have those at the crosswalk at the hospital I work for. They are supposed to help make sure driver’s see you but they’ve never worked for me. And if you’re in the cross walk, you can’t be jaywalking.

Thanks you guys! I had a serious case of the Mondays and needed that laugh! DH still is saying it isn’t that funny, but I almost peed my pants with the posts!:yay:

I pass this one regularly and always get a chuckle when I see it.

Now is that Bong recreation site in San Francisco or Woodstock? :think:

Re the flags–here we just have walk/don’t walk signs. The flags must make it much more fun. :teehee:

It’s in Milwaukee

Hmmm. . . I thought Milwaukee folks were beer drinkers. :think::teehee: