Odd looking stockinette stitches

I’ve noticed that my stockinette stitches, when using wool, do not form a “V”, but rather a “|/” where the right side is ok but the left side is straight vertically. I knit in the round with either circular needles or using magic loop. This appears to happen only with wool. My cotton products look ok. This also happens doing knit stitches only and when alternating knits and purls for ribbing.

I’ve tried adjusting tension to the point there is no tension and the problems still exists. Any thoughts?

It is normal for certain kinds of wool to form stitches like that–it’s not anything that you’re doing. It has to do with how the yarn is spun, I believe.

Agreed. It’s how the yarn was spun. It makes no difference inthe overall stockinette.

Yes, here’s a link with some photos and details about the twist in yarn.