Odd looking ribbing

My ribbing looks odd and I don’t know why. My purls and my knit stitch after the purls all look fine, but the knit stitch before my purls is… off. It looks stretched out. It’s a pair of vertical lines with a horizontal line inbetween. Not at all a pleasant looking knit stitch. Am I just knitting it poorly or holding my yarn oddly? I’ve always had this problem and I can’t take it any more. I’m a continental knitter, by the way. Thanks.


I can’t figure out how to remove this or I’d move it to the proper section. If I should just repost there, could somebody tell me? I’m really not paying attention… Sorry to everybody.

It could be your tension - try knitting looser or tighter. Sometimes ribbing doesn’t look that well until you’ve done several rows. Or it will all even out after washing or blocking when you’re done.

Thanks. I think I’ll try looser, since my stitches like sticking to my needles.


This forum is fine although “how-to questions” would be good, too. :wink:

What you are experiencing with the ribbing is very common. When you make a purl it uses more yarn so it stretches it out as I understand it.

There are a few different methods you can try.

  1. Use smaller needles for the ribbing
  2. Wrap the first purl stitch the opposite way (under not over)and then knit into the back of the stitch on the other side because this creates a twisted stitch.
  3. Try Norwegian purling for that stitch if you’re a continental knitter (yarn in left hand).

If you’re knitting in the round you can try my method.

That Norwegian purl is sweet. I’m going to try all of it though. And I bookmarked your blog, Jan. That’ll be useful for me when I get back to my socks… Thank you very much.


ooo norwegian purling. im going to have to give that a try