Odd left to right, even right to left?

Ok i just dont understand this…my pattern says :“For Chart: read odd number rows left to right; read even nubmer rows right to left.” why is this and why dont’ they just print the pattern left to rigth???

When you knit from a chart, you work the front from right to left, the way you would knit the right side of a pattern. The back of the work really is worked left to right. That sounds confusing, huh.

Think of it this way.

On the right side you’re knitting stitches 1 through 100, for example.

On the wrong side, you’re knitting 100 through 1.

The chart is laid out so you can see the pattern and the stitches are lined up as they will be in the finished product–it really does make it easier to follow.

I’m currently knitting a scarf with a fairly simple diagonal pattern.
The designer set up the chart so that all the rows read from right to left.
As a result, it doesn’t give a clear picture of what the pattern looks like and, frankly, it drove me nuts for the first couple of repeats.

As Ingrid says, the kind of chart you read back and forth (right-to-left, then left-to-right), is a much better reflection of what you are actually supposed to do with the needles and yarn. Some people get confused that a dot means “knit” on the front side and “purl” on the back side. If you learn to read your stitches, you will see that this is exactly right. Look at a knit stitch on the front side: it looks like a knit stitch. Flip it over and it becomes a purl.

I like to think of symbols not as ‘p on rs, k on ws’ but to mean ‘put a purl bump on the right side’, this is clear whichever side you’re on.