October KAL - Make Something for the Holidays!

Can you believe it’s already October?!

Before too long, Halloween will be over and done.

Thanksgiving is just around the bend,

and Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas will be upon us!

So…to get ready for the holidays, let’s make something special for our home and family with our knit and crochet skills!

[I]Are there trick-or-treaters in your home? [/I]
[B]Make them a bag to carry all their candy!! Or make tiny toys to give out to those who knock on your door.[/B]
Mini Skull & Crossbones Tote
Skull Knitting Tote
Finger Puppets
Hackey Sacks
Glow in the Dark Jack-o-Lantern
Other Halloween Patterns

[I]Expecting company for Thanksgiving?[/I]
[B]Make a nice table runner, placemats, or napkin rings for your table. Or make a pretty towel and dishcloth set, or oven mitts & hotpads for your kitchen![/B]
Dishcloth & Towel Set
Circular Old Shale Tablecloth
Knitted Lace Doily
Kureyon Tea Cozy
Potholders and Hot Pads
Table Runners

[I]Celebrating Hanukkah or Kwanzaa?[/I]
[B]There are some interesting craft patterns available on the internet![/B]
Knit Kippah
Judaic Crafts
Kwanzaa Craft Projects

[I]Excited about Christmas?[/I]
[B]Knit or crochet a stocking, tree skirt, or ornament to make your home festive![/B]
Christmas Patterns
Fair-Isle Christmas Ball
Christmas Garland
Vintage Christmas Stocking

(Those were all knitting patterns, so if anyone knows of any good crochet patterns to share, feel free to list them!)

Our knit-along starts right now, so let’s get going! :slight_smile:

October!! :passedout: Must get ready…Just gotta finish my baby knitting…babies won’t wait… :teehee:

SO true! :thumbsup:

Ladybug wanted me to “thank you” :muah: for all the smilies in your post. She was signing “more” and “thank you” pretty funny for a 19 month old. :yay:

To stay on topic – I’m going to be knitting snowflakes (booklet I have at home) & am still searching for a pumpkin I like.

OK so I never made the mittens for Sept… :hiding:

But I think that’s what I’ll make cuz it’s for my tree…

You’re very welcome! :heart: :hug: :heart:
I get most of my smilies and emoticons at "Best Smileys"
I’m glad Ladybug likes them! :slight_smile:

Me neither! :teehee:

[QUOTE=Shandeh;1159087]You’re very welcome! :heart: :hug: :heart:
I get most of my smilies and emoticons at "Best Smileys"
I’m glad Ladybug likes them! :)QUOTE]

Thank you! She ran around the rest of the day doing :muah: . I love my job (even when she decides not to take a nap!)!

She sound adorable! cloud9

For our knit-along, I’m planning on making a stocking for my grand-daughter. She doesn’t have one yet.

I have a few little things I need to make for Christmas…we will see how it goes this month.
My Christmas to do list:
Tea Cozy
Bathtime Blossoms
A sleeve to a sweater
2 felted bags

Just the sleeve, that’s a way to make it take less time… :rofl:


I know what she meant, but that is funny!:lol:

Okay, I am going to make some of these pumpkins for autumn/Halloween.

I haven’t decided what (if anything) I’m going to make Christmas gifts. :think:

:rofl: :rofl:

I’m really just making a sleeve for Christmas…my dad asked me to knit him a cable sweater in August and there is no way I can do that for Christmas…so I thought it would be funny to have him open a sleeve on Christmas :teehee:

CUTE pumpkins!
I want to make one of those glow-in-the-dark jack-o-lanterns, and use some of that new Bernat glowing yarn. :slight_smile:

Good plan! :teehee:

For my oldest son’s last birthday, I showed him the socks I’ve been making for him…SINCE JUNE OF LAST YEAR!!! :roflhard:

Hello :slight_smile:
Great KAL! Here is a hat and scarf set i have just finished . It is a gift for a little girl :slight_smile:

Now that is funny! :roflhard: Sounds like something I’d do…

Rita the look lovely! What patterns did you use? (Listen to me, like I need more patterns on my queue :teehee:)

Hi Hun , the pattern is [U][COLOR=#666666]Snuggly DK #1711 Children’s Hats[/COLOR][/U] . The leaflet which is by Sirdar has six patterns on it:)
Thankyou :slight_smile:

Pretty hat and scarf! :inlove:

Lets see I have decided to knit or crochet everyone’s christmas presents this year so I have no time for halloweeny type things.
This is just the start of the list
Hat and socks for sis in law- all I have to do is weave in all my ends :woohoo:
Matching hats for neices, not even on the needles yet
Green hat for brother No 1~ actually finished with ends tucked in:cheering:
Purple Hat for mum and slippers- hat done, still looking for a pattern I like for the slippers
Dishcloths for dad- alaska one and moose one done tails to be tucked
Knitted wall hanging for sis-in-laws parents- On the needles, will have to post a pic when it is done.
Slippers for stepdad- need good pattern, looking for recommendations!
Purple and gold socks for brother no2
Hat for sis in law no two
Looking at patterns for those two projects also.
Gee I think thats it. Oh cept for the sweater for my daughter.:knitting:

I do not tend to knit many presents for christmas but i am making another hat and scarf set for my friend . The scarf is underway and it would be great if i could finish them before the months over :slight_smile:
I also need to start a baby blanket for a baby due during the festivities. I plan to use the moc cable pattern , So it will take time . An early start will be good :slight_smile: