October FOs

Here are some FOs I finished in October.

  • The dark purple cardigan is from a DROPS pattern. It was supposed to be for me, but the length was longer than I wanted so I gifted it to my sister, who has a longer torso. The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky.

  • The striped brown and pink things are armwarmers. These and the hat were also for my sister. The yarn is Noro Cash Iroha. All were made using one hank each of the pink and brown colorway. No pattern. I just cast on x amount and then decreased for the top of the hat. Same for the armwarmers. I just cast on x amount, K2P2 in the round, cast off a few stitches for the thumbs (cast on again on the next round), and there you have it.

Actually, the last long sleeved cardigan was not finished on October. I’m not actually sure when I finished it, but I only got around to photographing it in October. It is also a DROPS pattern. The yarn used is Rowan Holiday.

I had such trouble making the sleeves for it I must have ripped and re-knit it like 4 times! I think the pattern has some errors, that’s why. The seams are kind of bulky. When I wear it, it looks like I have shoulder pads. :teehee: But I really love how it turned out.

all of these are very pretty–you do a good job!

Beautiful! I especially like the purple cardigan. What a lovely gift for your sister.

They’re all beautiful!! What gorgeous gifts!! Your sister must be tickled!

Very nice! :thumbsup: Your sister is one lucky gal!

Very very very nice work! I especially love pink and chocolate together! Yummy!

Those are very cute! I love the colors.

the purple sweater is beautiful!! great job on all the knits, but that sweater is my favorite. linknit41

Thanks everybody! I’ve been really loving purple lately.

For reference:

The pattern is called 95-8 DROPS Jacket with 3/4 sleeves in Safran and Alpaca. It was a fast knit using chunky yarn. I modified the sleeves a bit as I didn’t have the amount of yarn called for and I ended up with an extra ball. Go figure!

The other cardigan is called 73-23 Cardigan in Eskimo with V-neck. I modified the sleeves by not casting on as much as called for in the pattern and less increases.

Those are beautiful! :inlove:

Wow! Gorgeous work.