October challange?

:psst: are we having one? :mrgreen:

Jeanie I sure hope so because I had alot of fun last time:teehee: Let me know if ya hear anything cause I’ve been wondering too!

I looked this mronign for one but didn’t see one. Maybe I need to just challenge myself to start wiping out the Christmas project list!

that’s what i have been doing, casting on christmas gifts! i started the aran tam for gma, and started knitting wisp (from knitty). not sure if wisp will be gifted or kept! :teehee: then i have hedgies, sheep and socks to knit! oye!

I can knit pretty freely during the day on most things but since I homeschool I am trying to think of sneaky ways to knit on the kids stuff. I cast on pigeldy for dd’s birthday Sat night after she was in bed but I haven’t gotten as far as I would like since I still have two sweaters and a scarf to get done for them. Hopefully I will see my speed improve at some point. How did Sept. fly by sooo quickly??? I sure hope these clogs knit up quickly.

Melissa, I’m having the same problem? How do you knit for the homeschooled kids when they are always around? Maybe we could send them to school for a week. We could get projects done and they could remember why they love homeschooling.:whistle:

Well at the moment I am considering sticking the knitting in the bathroom and locking myself in occasionally. The other choice is after bed for them. Dd is headed to a friends after we do the grocery shopping so I will probably pull hers out then and pray her little bro (7) won’t tell. So I figure by day it is the rest of the family’s knitting and at night it will be kiddo knitting. I probably should have chosen easier stuff!

You guys are so much further along than me. I just got the confirmation e-mail that the yarn I ordered for Christmas presents is on the way. I can’t even think about casting on until it arrives. Oh dear, I’m so going to run out of time.

I don’t have all of my yarn yet either. And I have soooooo much to do. I went and got plastic drawers to start holding the yarn as I do get it. I have only finished knitting some face cloths and the damask bag. I really need to put it in gear and get going

:waah:Okay guys, I don’t come here very often 'cause I can barely navigate around the threads yet. If there is going to be an October challenge I hope it’s a fairly simple one. I spent all summer gardening intensively and I am now getting back to my knitting (hanging my head down in shame…but oh, I so love gardening).

Right, back to the topic at hand! If someone can think of a challenge for this month I’ll try to get in on it. I’ve never joined a KAL and it will be a first for me.

OTN right now, simple raglan jacket with pockets (cable on the pockets) for my granddaughter. (Several unfinished projects hidden in the closet which have become annoying). Okay, so you get the picture. I’m slooooooooow! :knitting:


anyone wanted to knitalong ?

I think The October Challenge is one we have to come up with ourself.:teehee:. since there isn’t one yet:shrug:. someone must be very busy right now :knitting:or just hasn’t checked their calender:wink:

I think the general challenge for October is to get as far as possible on our Holiday KNitting…

Yep I think that is probably the best one for me. I can’t let myself be distracted. As soon as I finish lunch I will have to go back and finish seaming the bag for my sil. I had never seamed before and now I understand why no one wants to do it. I think the kitchner is actually eaier once you get it down. Then I will have to do some frogging on the sole of the clog I started yesterday. My count is hopefully just this row. Pigeldy on the other hand is flying along but I can only work on her when dd isn’t around since it is for her.

I allready joined a challage with the sock knit along. It’s my first sock ever if you all want to jump in on knitting socks I’m sure you’ll have fun and be challenged