October 2019, Whatcha' Knitting?

What’s new on your needles or what project has been completed lately? Love to see the latest.

Attempting to knit my first dog jumper, wish me luck! :slight_smile:


I’m trying to complete a pair of croc socks. Was going well until I was re-doing the heel on the first sock…grr. Now, I’m going to frog because I need to add some stitches and I don’t know how to do that with the heel I have used (instead of the one in the pattern). :roll_eyes: I am so glad I put a lifeline in.


Finished an All in One Sleeveless Top age 1-3yr for my g’daughter with a matching hat for her and her Mum (trying to use up the whole 200g but there’s still about 30-40g left!!)
2019 has not been a productive knitting year for me, no enthusiasm at all. I’m thinking I either need to put it all away for a while or sink my teeth into something really challenging - maybe some serious lacework or colourwork hmm!


Lovely! These little one-piece outfits look even cuter on and the hat is the perfect accessory.

Sometimes it helps to look at patterns on Ravelry. Inevitably something elicits a “wow” and there you go. I hope inspiration strikes because it’s such fun seeing your projects.

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Knitting this blanket to have one on hand.Free pattern, Milk and Sugar. Using Bernat Softee Baby Stripes.
I have a marker only to let me know the count of 100 stitches. Saves recounting.


Such a good idea to have a baby blanket ready to go! This one is beautiful and soft but has a pleasing texture that is going to be a hit with an older baby too.

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I made a couple baby sunhats recently.

Basically two variations on the same idea. Both made of peaches n cream worsted cotton on the same sz 5 16" circ and 8" dpns. They both have the same initial stitch count and gauge. The yellow has a brim that is knit out to the edge, folded over on itself and worked back in and knitted together then worked to the crown. The doubled brim offers good shade and is stiffer but it took twice as long (obviously!) and is kinda heavy. I basically used this pattern but without the provisional cast on (instead I picked up stitches one at a time from along the LTCO and knit each together with one in the corresponding round on the needles if that makes sense–just as fast and I fancy it gives the hat a little more structure): https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/eefs-summer-baby-hat. The multicolored one is sort of my own “take two” variation. It’s worked in two directions, first from the band to the crown, then picked up and knit out to the edge of the (slightly narrower) brim. Hat #2 has the same rate of decrease on the crown and increase on the brim, but with double the number every 4 rounds instead of every other–which I personally like the effect of much better with the curves being smoother.


Both are too cute and at the same time, very useful! Thanks very much for the link.

Thank you! :blush:

Nice work! Does that stitch pattern used on the main part have a name…? I like the effect it gives.

I do not know the stitch name. Sorry.