Does anyone else have a problem with picking the right pattern for a certain yarn? I have this beautiful, soft, luxurious Berroco Vintage that I am super-duper in love with, have started so many projects with it, to me it did not showcase the yarn enough, so I frogged it. I have even looked at some Berroco patterns on ravelry, and nothing seems to do this yarn justice.

What is the problem…the color? The weight? It’s a nice yarn, but all the colors I’ve seen are just a soft, solid color that would look lovely on anything that’s worsted weight and looks good in solid yarn. I’ve used it on a sweater and it looks good.

the problem is not a single pattern I have tried is GOOD enough for this yarn, it’s like knitting with gold, kinda, sorta, ya know? I think it is my OCD, and so do the kiddies, but maybe it is just the patterns I have tried, I love this yarn, so I am going to find a pattern for it, or make one myself (she says with determination)

Hmmm…okay. I like the yarn, but I don’t feel that way about it. :lol:

I have some yarn like that. I’ve had it for years but it looks too lovely in the skein to actually knit with it! Then I won’t have it anymore. :aww:

Ah, Ingrid, the old can’t have your yarn and knit it too. I know what you mean! I’ve got fabric I bought years ago and still can’t decide how to use it. Now I have some cashmerino yarn that threatens to have the same problem. It’s just not talking to me. What’s a knutty knitter to do? So, Paula, I think I understand, I haven’t even swatched my yarn yet.