Obtaining a new guage

I want to knit a pattern but using a different yarn (bulkier) how would I go about obtaining a new guage to accomadate the pattern ??

You can’t use the same gauge with different yarn, you would have to make a different size of the pattern or use more or less stitches.

If you can provide a little more detail, we can help you more specifically…

you will have to figure out how the original guage (number of stitches per inch) corresponds to the size of the item you are making and then aply that to the guage of the yarn you wish to use.

for instance if the pattern calls for yarn with a gauge of 5st per inch and asks to cast on 100 stitches then it will measure 20 inches across (100/5). You want to cast on the right number of stitches to get 20 inches.

If the yarn you have has a guage of 4 inches per inch then you would need to cast on 80 stitches to get 20 inches (4x20).

So get the measurement, number of stitches and guage that is originally stated in the pattern then swap in the guage you have for yarn and alter as apropriate.