Oatmeal Reeds Blanket

or perhaps a better name is the woolly sausage throw because honestly, at this point my little reeds look more like meaty patties than I could have hoped. Hopefully a little blocking will take care of the problem. Here are some pictures, I have only just started. The pattern and more info are on my blog:


along with the picture of the finished blanket I used as inspiration.

It’s looking great so far! I love that pattern! :thumbsup:

I think it looks great so far - maybe they look more like lady finger cookies? Keep up the great work!

I agree, they look like lady fingers! I like it!

:smiley: I like it …alot!!! I can’t wait to see your FO…it’s gonna be gorgeous :thumbsup:

I suppose lady finger cookies are better than woolly sausages eh? lol! Dang does this think eat up the yarn! I will be though a kilo in no time!

I like that pattern. Nice color too!

Looking great so far! :thumbsup:

Oh, Katy, I like it very much! :mrgreen: I just visited your blog - it is so cute! Very fun. :slight_smile:

That is GORGEOUS! And that yarn looks so soft.

Pretty pretty!! :drooling:

OMG - on second look … WOW - those are some long needles :shock:

Very cool!

I think it looks great Katy!!!

I dont know, but everytime I read your posts all I can think is about alfajores!!! Argentina, Argentina!!.. :thumbsup:

It’s lovely! I love that color.