Oat Couture patterns

I can’t decide…I really like the simple look and general style of them, and they look like a quick and easy knit, yet at the same time, and maybe it’s how they have them displayed, they look kind of boxy and maybe not that flattering of a wear. Has anyone tried their patterns and have some input?

I kind of like the Bijoux Blouse and Silverlake Shirt, but I’d like to see them on a real person!


I can see why you were attracted to those…very pretty. I don’t have any experience with their patterns but I think it would help a lot to see them on a manequin at least! They look very un-fitted on the hangers.

Oh I like those! I don’t like tightly fitted clothes anyway personally.

And OMG…how cute are these!?

I like loose fitting, too…I like them, but I’ve not yet knit them, nor have I seen them in person…I have read of several ladies that have knit them on ampleknitters, u may want to check there :wink: