O/t how do i upload an avatar,

Ok sorry apparently it isnt the correct size. Does anyone know how to resize an avatar ?

I think I opened it in MS Paint and reduced the size there. but I really suck at stuff like that, so I can’t explain how I got it to be under 80x80 pixels.

if you want, send it to me: slc92goddess@hotmail.com and I’ll play with it.

If you’re uploading the file, it has to be wee. For starters, try saving it as a GIF file instead of a JPG. If you have a photobucket acct you can just choose “link to an offsite avatar” using the URL that they give you…then the file can be as large as you want…just don’t make it too wide (100px or less) or it will wonk out everyone’s screens. :wink:

I got it from Annette in the form of an animated GIF.
I resized it to 80x80, but I don’t know how to animate it :?? :thinking:

Julie - any advice?
Thanks :smiley: :thumbsup: !!!

What program did you use? Did you re-save it as a GIF after you resized it?

yes, in :oops: MS Paint :oops: I don’t know how to use much else… I used to have Kodak Imaging on my old PC and would manipulate stuff in there, but…

well I am animated avatar disabled. Does anyone have a reccomended site to try for another go at it?

Do not feel bad :rollseyes: I can’t figure out the avatar sizing either among other things…like how to do the links so they have “This” in bold and you can link directly by clicking on “this” :roflhard: As long as I have the opportunity to talk, I suppose I’ll get by without the technology literacy :roflhard:


Feel free to pm me the file…I would be glad to have a go at it. I have software that I use for animation, so I don’t see whay i couldn’t resize an animated one. :smiley:

I scratch my head and think, hmm how did they do that also on the bold THIS, or THAT , or whatever link. Ok someone spill the beans. Julie I will send it to you. thanks

thanks Julie - I PMd you the resized one. but now in hindsight I think I should have sent you the original, since it was animated.

Hee! Cute! But you’re right, I will need the original. :smiley:

ok. PM sent, again. thanks :heart: !

[color=red][size=6]Here’s an earlier topic… [/size][/color]
[color=darkblue]just keep resizing until it’s 80X80 or 12kb or less[/color]


Okay 'nette…I am pm-ing it to you – you’ll just need to host it somewhere (i.e. photobucket) because this one’s not getting to an uploadable-size due to the animation. :wink:

You know what.? :thinking:

If it’s an animated avatar, I can’t help.

I had one once but it was already wee sized.