O M G Paul Newman

I cannot believe he is no longer with us
I grew up with his movies, and my kids with his food


Yeah, he was a great actor.

He will definitely be missed. Those beautiful eyes …

His acting aside, he was such a good and generous man. His charitable work was as distinguished as his acting career.

It really hit home for me. I was married to a" look alike". Same icy blue eyes and features. People would see him on the street and swear they had seen Paul Newman. He had children in a private school near our town.

The world has lost a great one! I used to manage a healthfood store, and particular aisle seemed to have his face on every object! :inlove: I loved his daughter, Nell’s, organic line. I’m so glad he will have a legacy that continues on - in natural and organic foods, and in his charity work.

Now, for one last standing ovation: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

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