O.K...my brain is still "stale"

Hi everyone…remember the “brain fart” some post ago? Well I knit the knit and purled the purls and I am totally “losin it” at the results: The "back of the hat Or WS looks like this
pppvppp and the front or RS looks like this: pvvvp, therefore, the “rib” is stickin out on the back or WS…the two sides look totally different. All of my ribbing work has been the “same” on both sides…Did I screw up this project or has all of my “other” ones been goofed up? Remember this “project” is on straight the others were joined in the round. (which everyone says make no diff) :biting: :zombie: cheley

Uh, huh? If I could understand your problem a little better, I’d be happy to help.


Were your other ribs all the same # of knits and purls, like 2x2, or 1x1? This 3x1 rib is not going to look exactly like those, because of the different #s of knits to purls on each side. On the right side it sounds like 3 knits, one purl, 3 knits - and the purls might get “lost” in the knits until you stretch it out some.

Great point, but I completed this[COLOR=#d11010]http://www.magknits.com/Nov06/patterns/fakeisle.htm[/COLOR] and that uses the 3x1 rib, I looked at my finished product and the back and front of the ribbing looks exactly the same…go figure!!! Ooops (my bad) just looked at it again ([[COLOR=#d11010]http://www.magknits.com/Nov06/patterns/fakeisle.htm[/COLOR])…You](http://www.magknits.com/Nov06/patterns/fakeisle.htm)…You) are right…duh!!! Said I was in a knitting funk!!! trying waay too hard…Thanks everyone:aww:

With a 3x1 rib pattern the RS will mostly look like stockinette unless it’s stretched a little. The WS will have a single knit rib so it looks like what you posted - pppvppp. So if you have that on the inside of the hat, then you’re doing it right.

:woohoo: thank goodness, I am not going wacky!!!