Nylon netting on rolls

MANY years ago I bought rolls of nylon netting on the internet. I cannot find the site anywhere. Came in great colors. Anyone have any ideas? The fabric was about 3 inches wide and was great for knitting “scrubbies” ( needed to be cut in half)

I just saw this in some Youtube tutorials that showed how to make those scrubbies. I believe they were called Tulle rolls. They’re available at Joann’s or any other fabric store. Some of the tutorials say only use nylon net, that they’re not the same. Others say it’s okay to use Tulle. I guess you’d have to feel the two at the store and see what you think.

Here’s where I got mine. IMO it’s worth it to have it already cut and spooled vs buying it by the yard.


That’s it! thanks Jan!!