NYC babyeee

:waving: Who’s from the 5 boroughs? Lets talk subway knitting! :lol:

Subway knitting is great if you have a seat. There was this one time though that i was trying to cast on, on the train and there was a vendor trying to sell me a book or something and he totally made me lose count, I was so upset. Now I cast on at home, and bring the project with me on the train. I love to see other knitter’s on the train,i feel connected to them in away. I love it!!

Definitely, and it’s the best when you get one of those edge seats, so there’s minimal poke-age (although some ppl on the subway deserve to be poked). Bummer about the vendor making you lose count. That’s why I bring monotonous projects that are all knit stitches or simple knit and purl for the subway. Or else the perfectionist in me would be so peeved when I mess up the pattern (and believe me I would) on the subway. I love it too when I see someone knitting (or crocheting) on the train! Although if they’re an English knitter, I’m always tempted to teach them how to knit Continental! :mrgreen: I remember before I learned Conti, seeing someone on the subway knitting Conti made me realize that there was another way of knitting, which led to me researching online and finding KH! All thanks to subway knitting… :happydance:

I have to say I try to avoid the subway at all costs (although I had to take it this morning bc it was pouring and I couldn’t wait any longer in the rain for my good old 101 Limited) but I knit all the time on the buses (I started using buses instead of subways a year ago and since then I don’t like going underground)!

I tried to knit this morning on the subway but there was barely any room… I am a perfectionist too and if I can’t fix it I rip it so I try to bring something simple with me when I’m traveling… I like when I see other knitters too although I have to say it is rare!

What’s your favorite yarn store in the city? I’m a big fan of Downtown Yarn…

I wish I could avoid the subway! But unfortunately, it’s the easiest way for me to get around. Dealing with the unpredictability, dirtiness, and crowding on the subways can suck at times, but it’s a good and cheap way to get places around NYC. I think if I could consistently get a seat every day during my commute (so I could get some quality time knitting or sleeping), I’d like the subway a whole lot!

My favorite yarn store so far is Knitty City - the staff are soo friendly, the store is very spacious, and the yarn selection is pretty good. I like School Products for the yarn, but it wouldn’t be good for knitting support. If you want to know my least favorite yarn store, I can tell you that too. :oo: (although I’ve seen it covered extensively on forums already, hehe)

I have yet to check out Downtown Yarn, along with Seaport Yarn and Brooklyn General…

I’ve never heard of Knitty City… I’ll def have to go and check it out! The other store that I go to on occasion is knit ny… which stores are the ones you don’t like?

I actually went to Downtown Yarn like last week, and it reminded me so much of Maine. The lady that helped me was so nice and very helpful. I wanted to stay there for hours, but I was on my lunch break. I have to back there again…soon.

I actually went to Downtown Yarn like last week, and it reminded me so much of Maine. The lady that helped me was so nice and very helpful. I wanted to stay there for hours, but I was on my lunch break. I have to back there again…soon.

Knitty City is fairly new - I believe they opened beginning of 2006. The store I don’t like is The Yarn Co (which, ironically, is like 2 blocks away from Knitty City). They weren’t blatantly rude to me, but they were very aloof - kind of like they were doing me a favor. I read about other people having similar or worse experiences, so I know it’s not just me. The very last time I was there though, they had hired someone to help the customers, so maybe they heard about the complaints about their customer service.

I’ve heard good things about Knit New York also. Knit New York and The Point seem to be good places for social knitting, rather than just yarn shopping. I’m glad us New Yorkers have options when it comes to type of yarn store!

Yes it is nice to have so many options in NY… knit NY has really yummy scones! I checked out Knitty City online and it looks like they are a little too far away from me! I do have a friend up there though, maybe the next time i visit her I can convince her to stop over there (she’s not a knitter). Have you ever been to Alice’s Tea Shop? It’s so good pumpkin scones are out of this world!!! I haven’t visited The Point yet, but have stopped by Purl Soho, it was cute but pretty crowded…

Doy-- I’m so happy you liked Downtown Yarns it’s so cozy in there i wish they had tables and a coffee bar like Knit NY! I could spend an entire sunday there! They are very helpful and nice…

Subways - five boroughs??? Last time I looked at the map it didn’t go to StatNisland.

That’s because we have the ferry.

Oh, I live in California now? Yeah, so I do. Sorry bout that. But I grew up there and, top this, went to P. S. 1.


i find that Stitches East is very similar in how you described the yarn co.
there’s s LITTLE (and by little i’m talkin tiny) lys in bayside… above hazel’s shoes on bell… it’s called knitwits (which is adorable)… and they were almost TOO helpful… in fact told me i shouldnt knit what i wanted to knit & showed me what i SHOULD be knitting… (yeah that’s worse than being rude to me)!!!

& knitting on the LIRR is better than attempting on the E train… in my humble opinion (i taught a friend how to knit in the social seats on the way home from penn one nite)!

knit on ladies!

Cindy -

Whaddaya mean, the 5 boroughs – subway knitting. Last time I looked (long time ago since I’m now in CA) it didn’t go to Staten Island.

I learned to knit on StatNisland – my grandmother taught me. Now I take buses and light rail, always get a seat, and always knit. Delightful.

Think of it: knitting on the way to your favorite yarn shop. Heaven. That’s what’s planned for later today.

Margie of StatNisland
now Silly Cone Valley, CA

Hi! I grew up in Brooklyn Heights and went to P.S. 8 (does that top P.S. 1? :?? ) I now live in Eastern WA. I was visiting last summer and I went to Seaport Yarn. Lots of yarn stowed in every corner. Not very convenient if you’re in a hurry. Wish I had had a little more time to browse.

The only knitting I can do on the subway is circular other wise i feel too like i’m much in the other persons way, but a long smooth ride home in a empty car knitting is just heavenly…

This thread makes me home sick. I’m from Manhattan. I miss the hustle-n-bustle.

I knit on the SI Ferry. I see many people knitting in the morning going to work. I have been able to teach on the ferry. I take the express bus
going home and I am able to relax and knit all the way home.

Hi girls!

'Corse, I’m not from NYC but I recon you help me out a bit.

I’m looking for a yarn store near these addresses:
W. 70th St. Zip code: 10023
580 5th Ave. Zip code: 10036

I looked a the “yarn store near you” web site and found:
Unique KitKraft, 257 W. 39th St, 10018
Kitting Citty, 208 W.79th St., 10024

Any other suggestions or stores that arn’t mentioned?

Thanks for all your help.

I live in Brooklyn and I absolutely cannot knit on the subways! I don’t know why, I can barely read on the subways because of all the people. I think it’s a concentration thing.

Brooklyn General is my favourite yarn store! They’re really nice and answer questions but don’t make you feel akward. There’s another yarn store by my house that I don’t like as much but I’m not going to name names.

NinaT: I live in Cobble Hill and I used to work at PS. 8. It’s turned back into a really good school again recently.