Nut pattern


I thought I would give the nut pattern a try but I’m stuck on the first row. I am completely bewildered by the knit 1, yarn forward, knit 1 into the same stitch instruction. Can anyone explain how on earth I do this?

Many thanks!

I don’t know what nut pattern you’re talking about but to do k yf k - knit into the stitch and leave it on the needle, yf (really a yarn over) then knit into the stitch again and you have 3 new stitches instead of 1.

Aha that makes sense as in line 4, I have to P3tog and was worried that I would then have too few stitches.

Thanks for such a prompt response, much appreciated!

Is it possible to link to the pattern or an image of it? I’d like to see what you’re doing and if you need help again, it might help figure out what you’re stuck on.

Hmm I’ve been trying to attach the photo I have taken from the book I am using but its not working. Will try to type up the pattern today. Thank you for the offer of help.

Don’t post the pattern, please because there are problems with copyrights. If you tell us the name of the pattern and the book it’s from, we’ll be able to find it. Jan has some infromation here on how to posst a photo that should help.

Its called nut pattern and its from a book called The Knitter’s Handbook (Craft Library): A Guide to Patterns, Yarns, Stitches & Techniques by
Eleanor Van Zandt.

Well, that looks like a very handy book! I couldn’t find the pattern though. It isn’t on Ravelry. Is the pattern actually a nut?