Nut Pattern Help

I am starting a scarf in nut pattern. I can’t get past the first row! The instructions read: Multiples of 4. *P3, (K1, yf, K1) into next stritch, rep from *.

I keep ending up with an extra stitch at the end.

Do I repeat the instructions in ()'s? For example: P3, K1, yf, K1, K1, yf, K1 and then start over with P3?

I feel like an idiot! Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

*P3, (K1, yf, K1) into next stritch, rep from *.
You’re to p3 and then increase into the next stitch.
What the pattern is saying is purl 3,
then knit 1, yarn over (by bringing the yarn forward) and knit 1 all [I]into the next stitch[/I].
That’s the repeat of 4: purl 3, then (k1, yf, k1) all into that one next stitch.
The repeat is between the asterisks.

No. You repeat between the ** not within the (). What is in the () is just all being done on the same stitch (the 4th of 4).

So P3, (K1, yf, K1) is your multiple of 4 and this gets repeated.