Nursery Knits by Zoe Mellor Errata Sheet

I just got the corrections from the publisher and wanted to spread the word as much as possible. Here is the Errata sheet from Nursery Knits by Zoe Mellor

Kitten sweater
Yarn A should read pale pink / Princess 126
Yarn B should read dark pink / red cheek 094

Outdoor Snuggle - Materials -
7 50g balls

Tension / gauge
23 sts and 32 rows to 10 cm (4 in) over st-st using 3 æ (US5) needles

Outdoor Snuggle - Left Front -
159th row - delete ‘38 sts’ as it should end on 33 sts

Outdoor snuggle – back – shape neck
162nd row 31 sts (not 24)
163rd row 26 sts (not 19)
164th row 18 sts (not 11)
165th row 17 sts (not 10)
166th row Cast / bind off 7sts, work to end. 10 sts. (this line of the pattern is missing)

Outdoor Snuggle - Hand Flap -
32–40th row (so next instruction should start with 41st row - see below)

Outdoor Snuggle - Hand Flap -
41st row (follows on from previous correction - see above)

Kaleidoscope throw
Instructions for basic square should read:
With 4mm (US6) needles and M, cast on 28 sts and work 38 rows in st-st foll chart. Cast/bind off. Make 25 squares beginning with a knit row and 24 squares beginning with a purl row.

Centre section: phrase ‘turning alternate squares 180 degrees’ should be ignored

Play Cubes - Basic Square -
use 4mm needles

PAGE 112
alterations are in bold type

With 33⁄4mm(US 5) needles and A, cast on 192(228:264) sts.
1st row *K1, p1, rep from * to end.
2nd row *P1, k1, rep from * to end.
Cont in moss/seed st as follows:
3rd row *Dec, moss/seed st 92(110:128 ), dec, rep from * once. 188(224:260) sts.
4th and alternate rows Moss/seed st without shaping.
5th row Moss/seed st 92(110:128 ), dec, dec, moss/seed st 92(110:128 ). 186(222:258 ) sts.
7th row *Dec, moss/seed st 89(107:125), dec, rep from * once.
9th row Moss/seed st 89(107:125), dec, dec moss/seed st 89(107:125). 180(216:254) sts.
11th row *Dec, moss/seed st 86(104:122), dec, rep from * once.
13th row Change to Pink and st-st, *k2tog, k84(102:120) skpo, rep from * once.
14th and alternate rows P.
15th row K2tog, *k26(32:38 ), skpo, rep from * twice, **k2tog, k26(32:38 ), rep from ** twice, skpo. 164(200:236) sts.
17th row *K2tog, k78(96:114), skpo, rep from * once. 160(196:232) sts.
19th row K2tog, *k24(30:36), skpo, rep from * twice, **k2tog, k24(30:36), rep from ** twice, skpo. 152(188:224) sts.
21st row *K2tog, k72(90:108), skpo, rep from * once. 148(184:220) sts.
23rd row K2tog, *k22(28:34), skpo, rep from * twice, **k2tog, k22(28:34), rep from ** twice, skpo. 140(176:212) sts.
25th row Change to Red, *k2tog, [b]k66/b, skpo, rep from * once. 136(172:208 ) sts.
Cont dec repeat as established (8 sts on first dec row, 4 sts on second dec row), changing to Yellow on row 37, Blue on row 49, Purple on row 61, and then starting the colour repeat again, until row 66(76:88 ) is completed. 16(20:20) sts. Break yarn. Leave sts on spare needle.

Work as Back but do not break yarn.
shape neck
1st row Cast/bind off 4 sts, k10, skpo, k2tog, k14. 26 sts.
2nd row Cast/bind off 4 sts, p to end. 22 sts.
3rd row Cast/bind off 4 sts, k5, skpo, k2tog, k9. 16 sts.
4th row Cast/bind off 2 sts, p to end. 12 sts.
5th row Cast/bind off 2 sts, k2, skpo, k2tog, k4. 8 sts.
6th row Cast/bind off 2 sts, p to end. 6 sts.
Cast/bind off.

With 31⁄4mm(US 3) needles *k2, p2, rep from * across front sts and back sts (on spare needle). 32(40:40) sts.Work 5 more rows *k2, p2, rep from * to end. Cast/bind off in pattern.
Join right shoulder seam.

Join left shoulder seam, leaving 7cm/23⁄4in open at neck edge.
With RS facing and with 31⁄4mm(US 3) needles and Pink, pick up and k 30 sts around opening.
Next row (buttonhole row) K2, k2tog, yo, knit to end. Cast/bind off knitwise.

to finish
Sew on button. Weave in any loose ends.

Cut yarns into 15cm/6in lengths. With 3 lengths together, fold in half and, using a crochet hook, pull fold through cast-on knitting. Pull the ends through the loop and pull tight. Attach fringe around cast-on edge of poncho at intervals and in colours of your choice.