I keep running across this term in lace knitting. Nups. What the heck are they??? Anybody know? :happydance:

It’s got 2 'p’s and I think it’s a norwegian word. They make sorta like little bobbles in your lace - k and yo in one stitch several times, usually ending up with 5 sts, then on the next row p5tog.

There are nupps in this shawl, though they’re hard to see, but the pictures show how to make them and you can find more pictures on ravelry. Swallowtail also has them, a good picture of them is this project.

Suzeeq is correct about the spelling. Here is a link to a Knitting Daily episode with Nancy Busch demonstrating them and explaining what they are. Enjoy!

Thanks!!! I thought it would turn out to be bobble type things. Now they aren’t so scary!:roflhard:

They are actually easier than a bobble, IMHO, because you don’t have to keep going back and forth to complete them. I have the scarf in progress that they mention and its so important to keep the nupps loose, otherwise trying to purl into them on the return row is really tough. The scarf pattern is still up on their website if you want to give it a go. Cheers!

I saw a video where you don’t even have to knit all the sts tog on the next row. Use a crochet hook instead of a needle to make the k yo k sts, then pull the yarn through all of them right then. So next row you just purl the single st.