Nupp Stitch help!

I am knitting a pair of socks that require a nupp stitch. The pattern I am using has directions on making a nupp stitch that say that the loop that you make that goes around the other stitches should come off the needle at the end of making the stitch, but this confuses me. Should I leave the loop off and just continue knitting, or is there something specific I should do with this? Any help would be fantastic, and if you know of a site that has instructions on how to do this stitch would be great as well.


The only nupp stitch that I’m familiar with is a type of bobble. Can you give the instructions for the nupp in your pattern?

Hi, Thanks for your help.

The pattern says to

  1. Take the right needle and pass it between the second and third stitches on the left needle, and grab the working yarn in a clockwise fashion.

  2. Take the working yarn back through the two stitches and loop the working yarn around the right needle again to knit.

  3. Slip the two wrapped stitches that are on the left needle onto the right needle.

  4. This is the part I don’t understand Pass the new stitch over the top of these two stitches and off the needle.

It sounds to me like this stitch is pretty much a loop flapping in the breeze. It doesnt make sense to me!

Ok, what you’re doing is like a psso–passing a slipped stitch over the point of the needle.

You’ve made extra stitches and now you’re decreasing by lifting that stitch up and off the end of the needle.

Oh ok, so I should treat the two stitches together as one stitch.

Makes sense to me now! Thanks Ingrid!!