Numerical incontinuity - what to do?

Okay, I’m knitting Petunia the Piglet from Bernat’s little booklet of four animals. At one point, I will have 25 sts on my needles. The next line reads (P1. M1P. P11. M1P) twice. P1. 27 sts. I’ve gone over the math in my head numerous times, and it keeps coming out to 29 stitches. I am then instructed to P1, M1P, P12, cast off center st, P12, M1P, P1. In other words, the pattern keeps going assuming I have 27 stitches on my needle instead of 29. The rest of the pattern has me steadily decreasing each side until it ends.
All progress on the piggy is halted because I’m dithering over whether I should cast off the three center stitches to make the other numbers correct or whether I should ignore the incorrect numbers and just have the pieces a wee bit wider than the pattern seems to specify. Which should I do? Is one or the other likely to dement my piggy beyond repair? Have I simply lost all ability to count and am worrying over nothing?

well it looks like 29 stitches to me. the M1Ps make it that way. maybe i am missing something too. Can you post the instructions for the row just before that one?

oh and unless i am missing something, i would think that it is likely that it won’t matter that there are two extra stitches as long as you can consistently work it with those two stitches.

I get 29 stitches when I count it too. You’re not going crazy.

I wonder if the second M1P inside the brackets is a mistake. If you leave that out you do end up with 27 stitches, and from the next row it seems like the increases are at the side, not in the middle. But that’s kind of hard to tell from just two rows of the pattern.

What part of the pig are you making?

Hope this helps


I’m making the gusset and lower body, and it’s excellent to know that I can still count. Here’s more of the pattern.
Shape Front Legs
First Row: (P1. M1P. P5. M1P) twice. P1. 17 sts.
Second and alternate rows: knit.
Third row: (P1. M1P. P7. M1P) twice. P1. 21 sts.
Fifth row: (P1. M1P. P9. M1P) twice. P1. 25 sts.
The row I was having problems with was the seventh row. The next row is knit, and then comes the row with the center st cast off. After that, I work each piece back and forth until it’s finished. I hope this clears things up for everyone. Thanks for the advice you’ve given so far. :slight_smile:

I think it should read 29 st, also. It counts up to that, and each row increases four before that.

well from reading that i would say their typo is the 27…because it has consistently added 4 stitches with each increase. hrmmmmmmm… :thinking:

have you gone to the bernat site to see if there is a correction for this pig?

well i just went and looked, if there is one i can’t find it…

Yeah, there’s no correction on the website. I did a quick Google search and also came up with nothing.
I think I’m just going to go with 29 stitches and risk having the legs a little bit pudgier. Thanks, everyone.

Somehow a pig having pudgy legs really isn’t a problem now, is it! :smiley: