Numbness/pins and needles while knitting

Hello folks
New to site, just came across it while I was looking for info on a knitting issue. Have been a knitter on a regular basis since I retired 8 years. Have started getting numbness/pins and needles in hands but also dead arms at times. Anyone else similar problem?would value any advice please. Thank you💐

There are some suggestions in this thread and also links to other posts. Exercising arms and shoulders as well as hand stretches and frequent breaks all sound like good advice.

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I have found that I experience two different types of numbness. The first is just the hands: starting on the thumb side, fading on the ring finger and none on the pinky. The second type runs from elbow to all fingers.

The first is most likely carpel tunnel or repetitive motion injury. The thread that @salmonmac linked above discusses it and has methods, exercise, stages, and coping strategies.

The second has been harder for me understand or identify a single cause of mine. One might considered any of the following: poor neck or shoulder posture, vertibral subluxation high blood pressure medication, over weight, age or arthritis. Here is a site listing 8 possible causes of arm pain or numbness. Consult a doctor if you think it is appropriate.

For myself I think age and posture are my factors. I try to sit in a chair with good support and light. I try to have a work surface that is higher than my lap so I do not have to tuck my chin to my chest to see my work.

Good luck with your arms and hands.

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Very useful information, thank you.

That sounds like carpal tunnel You should see a hand and wrist Orthopaedic doctor

Thanks, I have carpal tunnel but it only affects wrist and fingers, never elbow and full arm. Have stopped knitting etc and will see how it goes. Probably will see my doctor when they are fully open after COVID.

I had the same pain in my elbow and arm. I was knitting with very heavy yarn, and I think that cause the problem . So my dr said it was most likely tendinitis He gave me a cortisone injection which helped tremendously

Good information, things are slowly improving a little. When this pandemic improves will seek medical attention, don’t want to put my health at risk going to any healthcare settings unless vital/urgent.
Thanks To you and all who have contributed :heart: