Numbers of the dbl points when knitting socks

hi…I am knitting some socks and I am a beginner. I am using 5 dbl pts and have a square. if needle #1 is in front of me is needle #4 to my left? do I always knit from 1 to 4 to 3 to 2 back to 1? I casted on 68 stiches per my directions and the last needle has 20, the others have 16. when I join them this 20 sts needle (suppose to be #4) is the first one to my left.

Am I confused.
Seeking help…

to me it seems like the needle with the working yarn would be needle 4 and the needle next to it, where you join would be needle 1, then 2, then 3, and then back to 4 again. But I could be totally wrong.

Have you looked at Silver’s sock tutorial? That might clear some things up for you.

If you read over the info that is found on this episode of Knitty Gritty…including final page u will find lots of info. Since u r using 5 dpns this tutorial will be very helpful, too.
When I cast on the 1st needle that I knit onto is #1, the working yarn is coming from #4; when u get to the heels it’s very important that you have your needles #'ed as u will read in both of the links that I gave you. Don’t worry…you can do it :wink:

I like to use only 4 dbl points when I make socks. I think it fits easier in my hands. But if you want to do some specific stiches or patterns or something you make have to go up one more needle. I would check out Silver’s sock tutorial. Now lemme where did I put tha tlink… :thinking:

Here it is. Silver’s tutorial is the BEST :thumbsup: